Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Mail In Repair Status

Hi again. Steve here sitting in for my mom.

I called the Apple Store to get a status on my mom's iBook repair.

I was transferred to AppleCare, and a friendly computer answered. She wanted to know my Repair #. So I told it to her and she understood it. Smart computer. After a few more button presses, I was talking to a real person.

She informed me that my mom's computer was backed up at the Apple Store and that it was currently being looked at in the service department.

That's cool. My mom just sent it in yesterday.

I'll be able to check the repair status online at Apple - Support - Repair Status.

When my mom gets the computer back, she'll be able to take it over to the Apple Store and they'll restore her data. I like that plan. Saves me from having to set up all her email and browser settings.

So now my mom is off to that photo workshop for the afternoon and then has plans for a Mah Jong game tonight.

She's heading to the library tomorrow to check her email.

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