Sunday, June 11, 2006

In case you were wondering what happened at the last collage class, the instructor had to cancel that session and now it will be held this coming Tuesday. I'll keep you posted!

Now, before my computer died on me I had planned to make a post about a problem that I had --- here goes:

For years I was a bookkeeper (today that occupation is referred to as an accountant) and took great pride in how I did my job. Not only did I do the company books, I did my employers personal checkbooks.

In those days there were no computers, everything was done manually and what was important to me was the adding machine had a tape, if there was an error you could check your tape.

Once a month I took a trial balance and most of the time it came out right the first time, no sweat, If by any chance it did not balance, it did not take me too long to find the error. Once in a blue moon I would have to put it aside and with a fresh eye check it again and without fail I would find the error quickly.

What all this is leading up to is what happened with my checkbook. As soon as my statement comes in I make sure that my checkbook balances. What surprises me is how many people I know who don't check their statements, they just assume that the bank is right. Sometimes the bank does make a mistake or you might make an error.

When I received my March statement I could not balance my checkbook, went over it and over it and finally put it aside, checked it a few days later and I still could not find the error.

Then I got busy packing, going back to Ma. and before I knew it the April statement came in and I still had the error, looked and looked, couldn't find it. I was out a LARGE SUM OF MONEY.

By this time I realized I had to go to the bank and GET HELP. The representative gave me a printout of my April and May transactions. I was hoping she could reslove my problem then and there but no, I still had to find it myself.

So one afternoon, the house was quite, I had a strong cup of coffee and I was feeling up to the challenge. I pulled out the bank printout and lo and behold I FOUND th error.There was an ELECTRONIC payment that was taken out of my account by Blue Cross Blue Shield. I had given them the authorization to do this BUT what I discovered is that they do not notify you when they do this. I called them and asked them if they would notify me when this takes place. NO, they don't do that, you either pay by check or they take it out of your checking account automatically.

Now that I have had this experience I have marked my calender so when the payment is made I will be aware of it and deduct it from my checking account.

I wonder what percentage of people do not check their bank statements. I think it's a good idea!!

HAH! I'm an accountant! :)

Not sure you know about this yet (probably) but you can check your up-to-the minute banking statements online at most large banks and credit unions.

I'm addicted.
I balance my check book every day or every other day if I'm busy.
I love being right on the money- literally!
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