Sunday, June 04, 2006
Wow!! It's been a long time since I made my last post. Where to start?

First I want to thank my son Steve for keeping my blog going and making progress reports about my sick computer. All is well now and I am back in business.

Millie at AppleNow about the Collage classes: Fortunately for me there are only three people who are attending the classes. You would think that in a complex as large as mine more people would take advantage of instruction by an award-winning artist. (there is no charge for the classes and all materials are provided free of charge)

At the first session we were asked to zero in on a theme and then had those pictures scanned to size. The collage will be in a 5x7 frame. Once we did that, the next step was chosing appropriate fabrics for the background.

My husband had many varied interests - He loved gardening, was a magician, took pride in his work, was a loving husband and father so finding the right material and captions was easy and fun.

Now come the more difficult part, cutting the small pictures and the cork to size, not only that but to make the collage more interesting the instructor suggested that some shapes could be a circle, a diamond or an oval. There are many possibilities, if only I could do them! :)

The last class will be held this Tuesday. I don't see how we can complete this collage with only one more session.

As I said early on, I'm lucky, there are only three of us participating. If I ever get it done I'll have Steve take a picture of my collage so you can see my artistic abilities!! :) :)

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