Friday, June 16, 2006
My Mother's Blog
Boynton Beach retiree plugs into trend by hosting a blog: South Florida Sun-Sentinel:
"For Millie Garfield, 80, of Delray Beach, it's the interactive component of blogging that sets it apart from just surfing the Web.

'I wanted to connect to other people,' said Garfield, who runs the site called 'My Mother's Blog.' She is registered as one of the oldest bloggers on the Web, according to the Ageless Project, a site dedicated to promoting diversity on the Web.

'It makes my life much more interesting. It would be dull if I wasn't doing it,' she said.

Garfield celebrated her 80th birthday on the Web with her friends.

'One couple made a video blog showing me how they were making me a birthday card,' she said. 'Here people understand me. If you keep reading a person, you get to know them.'"
At least they got your name right.

I'd like to see if they used any photos of you from your 'photo shoot'.

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