Saturday, July 01, 2006
I can't remember how we got started but for many years my husband and I held yard sales.

Aaron had a knack for making something out of nothing. The first thing you need when you are having a yard sale is a sign to attract the customer. He dug around in the cellar and found pieces of wood, a hammer, nails and black paint. that took care of the sign. Then we needed signs to post on poles in the area. No problem, we had plenty of boards for that.

Next, we needed tables to put "our treasurers" on. He happened to have a couple of sawhorses available, topped them with wide boards and one, two, three, we had great tables! Oh, and nature supplied a tree that had low branches so that was good for hanging clothes.

Our first yard sale was a huge success, the weather was beautiful, we had loads of customers, made some money and the big thing was we got rid of some stuff.

When our friends heard how successful we were and the fun we had, they said, "Let us know when you have another yard sale, we want to join you.

The following spring we had six couples take part in the sale. They came from neighboring towns, came early in the morning and stayed all day. Because we had so many sellers, we attracted loads of customers. It was such a success that we did this for many years.

People in the area looked forward to our sale, they knew we had good stuff and came every year. One lady told me that she looked forward to our yard sale because she was my size and liked my tops, so I had a steady customer!! Then there were those who would ask you to lower the price, well that is to be expected but I began to know my customers and some of them wanted too good of a deal , no sale to them.

Since my sellers were good friends I thought it would be nice if I served lunch so every year I made the tuna salad sandwichs and Aaron set up the drinks. Each couple brought something, chips, donuts, danish and other goodies.

That evening we would go out to dinner, talk about what happened during the day and how much money we made. We did this for many years, not only did we share a good time, we made money, got out in the fresh air and got rid of a lot of stuff.

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