Wednesday, July 26, 2006
I'll be flying off to San Jose, Ca. tomorrow for the Blogher conference. Steve will be joining me so I am sure to have loads of pictures and even video blogs of our time there.

I'm looking forward to meeting bloggers that I have exchanged comments and e-mails with and some that I have visited on the internet, heard about, seen their videoblogs and read their stories!

Last summer I got to meet Toby Bloomberg at the American Marketing Conference in Boston. Toby is going to be at Blogher, it will be great seeing her again..

And if that is not enough, I'm going to get to spend time with my son Steve who got me started Blogging and as Tabor from over at Tabordays said he's my press agent and technical support. What could be better then that!

Just checked the weather forecast for San Jose - tomorrow 89 degrees - Friday 86 degrees and Saturday 82 degrees.
They have been in the 100's, I'm happy that the temperature will be cooler when we get there.

There will be plenty of hot topics, we don't need the weather to be hot too.

Bye for now.

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