Sunday, July 16, 2006

There was very little interest when the Collage class started and as time went on less and less people attended. By the time the third and last class was scheduled, there was only one person interested in completing the program. There was no point in the instructor coming out for just one person so the class was cancelled.

Before the class started I spent some time going through albums and have gathered together some old photos that I hope to use in future posts so I accomplished something.


I recently received this notice in the mail:

The federally funded NORC (Naturally Occuring Retirement Community) project at the Summit Estates is winding down. Despite everyone's attempts to secure additional federal funds to continue the project, the funding was unfortunately not allotted by Congress. Therefore the programs will be ending as of August 31, 2006

.A representative from NORC addressed the Trustees at my complex and is hoping the program will be funded again in September 2007.

In the meantime, residents expressed an interest in continuing with some of the more popular events and they would be willing to pay a fee. When movies were shown here, they were very well attended. Another popular program was the Book Club so hopefully we will still have the opportunity to enjoy those programs.

Boston Globe: A senior-care concept redefines community.


I am still pursuing the empy bottle mystery, sent them an e-mail Friday, did receive an acknowledgement from them. The reply said, "we will contact you as soon as possible." I hope that's not an empty promise!!

One of the comments that I received about the "empty bottle mystery" came from a fellow blogger who said, she experienced the same thing!! "To be continued."


On Friday, July 7 I quoted Red Buttons famous line, "Strange Things Are Happening" and in less then a week after I made that post, Red Buttons died. I saw Red Buttons when he appeared at a fund raising event in Boston, it had to be in the early 50's, I was very impressed with his talent, that was before he really made it big. After that, when he appeared on TV or the movies I would say, "I knew him when." I remember him fondly.

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