Thursday, August 31, 2006
I've been thinking about how I could pay tribute to Milt Rebman of Milt's Muse and after reading Ronni's post, The Need for a Final Blog Post, got an idea .... In Milt's style .......

This is a weather report from Cape Cod, Mass. dated July 14, 1957.

The skies are overcast and it looks like a storm is brewing, the winds are whipping up, no chance of sun today. It would be a good day to just look out of the window, but we're going outside the window regardless, we will go down to the ocean and see what mother nature is up to.

We were honeymooning at the Cape that year, the weather was stormy, it was a Sunday and at that time Massachusetts had strict Blue Laws, the only store that was open that day was a drug store ( that's what they called them in those days,) there was no such thing as CVS or Walgreens.

As soon as I walked in the store I spied a large framed print of Van Gogh's Sun Flowers, it was love at first sight, bought it, brought it home and hung it in our living room where we enjoyed it for many years.

That's how I got hooked on sunflowers!

This story is for you Milt.

Oh, Millie, you really don't look any different in that picture than today.

What a good story. And terrific tribute to Milt.

BTW, did the weather lift for at least part of your honeymoon?
Millie, Both you and the sunflower are beautiful.

What a nice post

Thanks for the compliment!

The weather did get better, that was the only rainy day we had but wasn't it a good thing we had rain that day -- that's how I got acquainted with Van Gogh's
What a lovely story, Millie -- one that Milt would surely enjoy wherever he is.

Everyone is so right, about the beauty in the picture -- the sunflowers and you.
What a nice tribute to Milt. Love the photo....I agree with Ronni. You sure are aging with style! And I loved the sunflower.
By the way, I sure do remember those Mass. Blue Laws....except around Christmas, remember? We were allowed to shop on Sundays.
I love that photo! Millie and sunflowers...perfect.

Milt would love it, too.
Lovely weather report for Milt. And the sunflower matches your personality exactly!
YOu were (and still are) beautiful, Millie! I love Van Gogh's Sunflowers too - and his painting of white roses hung in my bedroom for years (a print of it, of course).
The reason you love sunflowers is because you can relate to them. They have a positive, sunny attitude and that is You! You put much Sunshine in my life. You really haven't changed that much in 49 years WOW!
What a loverly story & tribute! And I have always loved sunflowers, too, Millie! I have a print of the VanGogh also & it hangs in my dining room!
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Dear Mille, I like your story and myself is a hugh fan of sunflower as well. It looks like a smaller version of sun and shines on everyone. Hope you enjoy everyday and continue writing about what is in your mind. Cheers! :)
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