Thursday, August 17, 2006
Happy Birthday!

Claude from Paris posted this beautiful image of sunflowers on her blog to wish my mom, Millie, a happy 81st birthday. She's a few hours ahead of us so it's already tomorrow in Paris. ;-)

My mom loves sunflowers!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Millie! I raced right over from Claude's beautiful post and obviously posted on the wrong day...sorry.

Hope your day is filled with Sunflowers!!!!
Happy. happy birthday dear Millie!!
Have a wonderful birthday, Millie!
Happy Birthday Mom!

I posted a birthday picture on my blog.
Happy Birthday, Millie! August birthdays are the best. Here's birthday Sunflower for you.
Happy Birthday Millie, I am sorry, first time visitor and I have forgotten how I got here. Love your stories, special memories of the 1950s.

Thank You
Hope you have a grand birthday...

Happy Birthday Millie!
Happy 81, Millie. Be sure to drop by my blog today.
Happy Birthday Millie. Have a wonderful day!
Happy birthday Millie!
I love "I'can't open it", it's such a good idea. Thanks Claude for telling me. Sorry my blog is in french but there are many pictures... Have a wonderful day!
Hey Millie,I love sunflowers too. Happy Birthday, keep up the good work.
Happy Birthday Millie! It was a pleasure... yes an honor! meeting you at BlogHer.
millie, thanks to ronni who alerted us, you'll find a birthday message and special honor over at my place. have a wonderful year.
yours, naomi
HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MILLIE !! You are an inspiration and I love reading what you have to offer. Isn't that a gorgeous card that Claude made for you? I wish you a lifetime filled with sunflowers. Ginnie
Happy Birthday Millie - have a wonderful day. Suzann
Have a most happy birthday, Millie!
Happy Birthday Millie! I couldn't wait to see what everyone had to say this morning. Please stop by my place to see my message to you. I hope you have a beautiful day Millie.
Happy birthday, Millie!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MILLIE! May your year ahead be filled with many sunflowers, much love and volumes of laughter!
You're such a special person and I wish you all the best.
Hey Joy,
You moved your blog over to typepad and must have deleted your blogger blog.

Joy des Jardins Blog
Yes, absolutely. Happy birthday, Millie!
Happy Birthday, Millie; and sincere best wishes for many more years of good health and great happiness!
You're a hero to Elderbloggers everywhere!
Happy, happy day, Miz Millie!

My wishes posted here.
Liz here from I Speak of Dreams. I hope you have a fabulous birthday. Do come by to here
Happy Birthday 2.0
Happy Birthday 2.0
Happy Birthday, Dear Millie-beta
Happy Birthday 2.0

And in another way...

I hope your birthday is amazing, wonderful, and full of the magic that you bring to the world. You're swell, and we need more like you.
Happy Birthday :)

I just made my best friend 34 hand painted postcards of sunflowers in honour of her 34 birthday.

you could say i think women who love sunflowers are special :)

Have a wonderful day!
Happy Birthday Millie!
Hope you are having a wonderful day filled with friends and family and laughter! It's been a pleasure to chat and share ideas over the past year and I look forward to more of the same. When there's a break in festivities, do pop over to my blog and have a look... ;-)
How great to see all these birthday wishes, Millie! Let me join everyone. I'm glad you liked my card. Love
Happy birthday, Millie and I hope the year ahead brings you many blessings.
Happy Birthday Mille!

Best wishes,

Happy Birthday Millie.

We are going out to dinner tonight with a dear friend of many years who is celebrating his birthday today also.

Shhhh....It is a surprise dinner so don't tell

The best folks are born in August.

Happy Birthday! Now let's get drunk! :))

Big hugs from California

Happy Solar Return, Millie!
Happy Birthday!
Your card is over on my site.
Happy Birthday,

I'm a day late and a dollar short, but the wishes are as heart-felt as those that arrived on time.

May the rest of your 82nd year that you're in right now be as joy-filled as yesterday was.
Happy Birthday Millie! I am so inspired reading your blog. I look forward to another 40 years of blogging! LOL. *Warm hugs from sunny Malaysia*
Happy birthday, Millie!!!!! May you have many more! I want to be just like you when I grow up!!!
Happy Birthday! Am late with this greeting 'cause was out celebrating for you at some jazz clubs since my son was in town ... sounds like a good excuse for posting late to me. ;-)
Happy Birthday Millie!! I love reading your blog. You are truly an inspiration.
I usually just lurk around here, but this occasion calls for a comment!

Happy Birthday Millie!
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