Saturday, August 12, 2006
SINGLE in the 50's
My girfriends and I were ahead of the times in the 50's. At that time girls were getting married in their early twenties but all my friends were in their late twenties and still single.

When vacation time came around we would go to resorts in the Berkshires or the Adirondacks depending on what arrangemnets we could make to get there since none of us drove.

Some resorts offered a package deal which included a week stay at their hotel plus door to door transportation.

One summer we spent a week at Scaroon Manor in the Adirondacks and while there we had the opportunity to visit Green Mansions which was not to far away. Well, we had the greatest time there, better then the entire week at Scaroon Manor.

The following summer when we started to talk about where we wanted to go for our annual vacation, Green Mansions was mentioned time and again. The problem was we had no way of getting there!

I thought about and thought about it and a light went on! One of my friends (who did not join us on these trips) had a single brother. Aha!! I would ask Lou if he would drive three girls to Green Mansions and we would pay for his vacation. He did not hesitate for a minute...

Well, when Lou picked us up he also had to load up his car with our luggage. If any of you are familiar with what went on at those resorts, the girls practically emptied their closets, after all, you had to have changes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
He wasn't to happy about all that luggage in his car.

Well it didn't take to long before he started to have car trouble, fortunately we weren't to far from a service station. I can't tell you now what part was broken but whatever it was had to be repaired and it cost him a bundle. I don't remember if we pitched in to help him with this unexpected expense.

Anyway, he found out that there is no free lunch!!

Poor Lou, had such visions of bliss in his little head...
I have to say that for a moment there I was quite envious of Lou to say the least. I mean a weekend out with three obviously independent and older women...

But true to form, Lou suffers from the same kind of misfortune that plaqued many a young man back in those days - car trouble.

On the other hand...I have to wonder if Lou's account of the events of that weekend would mirror those reflected here...LOL
You girls sound like you Claudhad a good time!!! Poor Lou ;)

By the way, I finally managed to see your Blogher video! You were just great, Millie! I feel like I know you already. I say 'managed' because I had a lot of trouble seeing it. It wouldn't load. Blogher looks like it was quite an experience. Lucky you.
That poor guy had NO idea what he was getting himself into, did he? LOL.....those were the days, huh, Millie?
It was good getting a male perspective on this "happening." Thanks Alan. Pattie, Claude and Kenju felt bad for Lou but now that I think of it, he was not complaining on our way home!! ::)

Glad you finally were able to see those videos from Blogher.

There are two that I can not view, had to go over to a friends house to see them.

Even my son can't help me with this .
i'll be making a visit to the Apple store soon and hopefully they will figure it out.

Let me know how you make out with your passport problem. Everything takes time.
You must have written that before I told you that I'd be up on Saturday to fix all your problems.
What a great story. It must be sttrange for people under 50 to hear modern young women in their 20's didn't drive back in those days. But I didn't drive until I was in my 40s and absolutely had to learn. Of course most folks today have never ridden a streetcar (except in SF) either.

Anyway, this post brought back great memories of a much less complicated time. I'd absolutely love to hear about your adventures at the mountain resorts. Those were the days...
This sounds like the ideal vacation to me, Millie! It contains all the necessary elements of fun; good friends, lots of clothes, and the token gentleman driver! I can relate to computer troubles too...though mine is finally back from the shop!! Glad to see Steven is going to fix it up for you on Saturday. Technology is fantastic, except for the fact that only those blessed few, like Steven, can repair it when it goes awry!!

Thanks for another smile, Millie. Today was a day I really needed one.

This sounds so much like a Fred Astair/Danny Kaye type movie!!
Hi Lucy

I thought you would enjoy this post, Your my kind of woman.

There are a lot more single stories that I can write about since I was single for a long time. I'll be thinking about what adventures I could write about.

The blind dates, the good, the bad and the ugly!
The way we dressed.
The places we went.

Oh, have I got material!!

That was a first installment. You gave me a laugh when you said it made you think of a Danny Kaye and Fred Astaire movie.

My next post about my single life just might feature guys like Boris Karloff and Peter Sellers!

Sometimes I read a book and think who could play the part, now i'll be thinking about what actors would fill the bill!!

Thanks for the idea.
I'm still smiling. Great story, Millie.
Sounds like that was a fun thing to do with girlfriends. Minus the car trouble, that is.
Did you ever stay in touch with Lou?

You asked a good question, "did I stay in touch with Lou after that vacation?"

I did date Lou for a little while but I meet my husband Aaron a short time later so that was the end of Lou.

You dated Lou?

So I guess he was pretty smart after all...
I was also single in the 50s (perforce; there were laws about that!) - but not immune to car trouble. I recall that in the 50s and early 60s, you more or less had to assume something would happen with the car if you went anywhere. One of the most astonishing changes to me, is that I can get in my car to drive a couple of thousand miles and it never occurs to me that I'll have car trouble. (The other change - which most people had already made in the '50s, but not us - inside toilets!)
Have just found your blog...wonderful, keep it up. Found your senior summer school facinating, I am just checking out,University of the Third Age here in Glasgow, Scotlandvvcvxdf
Yea Steve...I was shocked also by that admission.

And she dumped the poor boy!

Poor Lou just can't seem to catch a break.
Happy Birthday Millie!! I found you thru Claude's blog and I see I've been missing a very fun group here!

So your son is learning about the REAL Thoroughly Modern Millie! You need to have a secret blog so you can share the real dirt without the family knowing.
Awww....poor Lou! But Aaron's gain.....not to mention Steve's! lol
Your holidays in the Adirondacks sound like fun! What a challenge wardrobe could be in those days.

I was in my mid-twenties in the late '50's finally coming 'round to thinking, maybe ... just maybe ... I might think about marrying ... some day. I don't know what you experienced, but the general cultural attitude was that I was an "old maid." Many just could not understand why I wasn't in a big hurry to get married.
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