Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Video: My Mom Thanks You

Millie thanks everyone for their birthday greetings!

Special thanks to: Claude for the Sunflower, McVlog for the song, bLaugh for the comic and Ronni for planning the surprise and sending the flowers and chocolate!

Chris Pirillo has a video response of him watching your video!

Ronni sums it all up.

Happy Belated Birthday, Millie!
Just saw this video and it reminded me that I missed it!

I was also bummed that I didn't get to meet you when you were in California.


Wonderful video, Millie. Perfect comeback to Chris and Fitz.
Millie, your laugh makes me smile so big! :) Hope you have many, many more!
Ugh. Like Sean, I'm so bummed I missed this. Happy (belated) Birthday, Millie!!
You deserved a wonderful birthday. I don't know you but sure feel like I do. The videos are priceless.
Happy belated birthday! You have a very touchy video in there. I wish I could come with such a video too for my mom on mother's day. It will be very fantastic!
Wonderful video...keep dancing Millie!
Omigosh, listening to Chris laugh got me laughing SO hard! What fun.
Good video.
I'm terribly late (as usual), but Happy Belated Birthday! I hope to meet you someday! This was a really wonderful video.
Millie, you're a riot... KP
millie, do you remember the 1960s movie, "the endless wave"? looks as if we're watching the wonderfully endless birthday. so much fun. -naomi
All of this was so great, Millie! You are definitely one in a million. Really enjoyed the video's and as I just said on Ronni's blog....that laughter of yours is quite infectious.
Enjoy your very special year ahead.
This is wonferful, Millie! Thanks for the thanks! It really kept me smiling! Keep it rolling, girlfriend!

Love ya! Ksy
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