Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Voices of BlogHer

Paul Gillin interviews Millie Garfield on Voices of BlogHer:
"80 years old w/attitude. Check out "I can’t open it!" Hilarious!"
For those new to My Mom's Blog, here are the previous I Can't Open It videos:

Can't Open It I
Can't Open It II
Can't Open It III
Can't Open It IV
Can't Open It V
Can't Open It VI

Also, here's my mom's 80th birthday post that got lots of comments. It was an internet birthday party!

What fun you are having! Does it feel intimidating to represent elderbloggers to all the young bloggers out there?
Millie! It was great seeing/hanging out with you at BlogHer. You're a superstar! :) I'm glad you're getting all the recognition you deserve. You're a great vlog ambassador for people of all ages:)
I'm a big fan of I Can't Open It. Makes you wonder what kind of people work for those companies.
great to hear the interview, millie. bet your interviewer is now telling his friends about his amazing experience with an 80-year old woman who blogs. thanks for being an eye-opening ambassador for all us elderbloggers.
Happy belated birthday Millie! You have more spunk than most 20 year olds I know, you're an example for us all! Keep it up :)

You asked a great question! I did not feel intimidated at all, just felt like one of "the girls."

We all had strong feeling about blogging and that was the bond we felt, not the age.

It was my pleasure hanging out with you too!!

What a fun person you are.
Millie, I had missed this post as I was in England. I loved hearing you talking about blogging. I do hope my passport problems get solved and we can get to meet in October when I am in Boston.
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