Sunday, September 10, 2006
My friends and I usually go to the movies once a week but for the longest time now, the pickings have been very lean, until this weekend.

We had the pleasure of seeing "Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont" starring Joan Plowright and Rupert Friend. As soon as the movie started I got my kleenex ready. I immediately saw that this was going to be a heartfelt tearjerker. At times it brought tears to my eyes and at other times there were things to laugh about.

Mrs Palfrey comes to the Claremont, a retirement hotel in London, to start a new life. When she arrives at the hotel and steps out of the cab I noticed her shoes, I immediately identified with her low heel walking shoes, just like what I wear.

The chubby bellman has difficulty handling her luggage, he's really to old for the job. He shows her to her room, oh my goodness there is barely room to walk around, it's so small, there are lumpy twin beds, one chair and when she pulls up the shade, it's not a room with a view. That scene reminded me of some situations that I have been in but that's another story!

For her first night at the Claremont she decides to "get dressed up for dinner", goes to the elevator and what do you know, it doesn't work. She pulls herself together and walks down the stairs. When she finally makes it to the dining room she is greeted by one of the houseguests who says, "We dress down for dinner." After dinner the residents adjourn to the telly room to watch "Sex and the City." That's the only excitement they have in their lives.

And that's just the beginning of a great movie with an outstanding actress and a great supporting cast. I have seen Joan Plowright in other movies but never in a leading roll. She's going to be 78 this October and from what I read I understand she had to limit her time on the set. She was perfect for the part, regal, sensitive and charming!

Unfortunately they don't make enough movies like this anymore.

Nice review Millie! After reading this I would definitely like to see the movie. Have you seen "Strangers in Good Company"? Very different accomodations, but wonderful relationships develop as a result.

Thanks for the great review. My all time favorite movie is "Enchanted April" with Joan I can't wait to see this one!
This is definitely a movie I will want to see. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
You convinced me. I love anything with her or Judi Dench in it.
I had not heard of this movies but am looking forward to seeing it either at the theater or on DVD.
Thanks for that review Millie! I'll keep an eye out for that one.
Hi Millie!
I'm very picky about the movies I go to but this one sounds wonderful. Joan Plowright is a favorite actress and I will certainly go to see it. Thanks for the tip and keep writing your great movie reviews!
The movie does sound wonderful, thanks to your nice review. I agree with you when you say they don't make enough movies like this anymore. And actually, I haven't seen it being promoted in Manila (Philippines) yet. I'll see if I can catch it on DVD. I got to your site thru MuMo's and I'm glad I did. It's nice to be here and I'm definitely coming back again soon!

I agree good movies nowadays are few and far between. I recently saw "The last of the Blonde Bombshells" with Judi Dench. I think you'd enjoy it as well.
Here's a link for the official review:
I've seen "Strangers in Good Company" and really enjoyed it. About a bunch of older women. I am going to have to find this movie that Millie recommended.
Sounds great I agree there are few good movies. I would recommend watching the shorts that are nominated for the academy awards. They are package together and you can rent it--2005 were quite good.
I want to see this one, Millie. Joan Plowright is a great actress.
Hi Millie, I agree with you this is a refreshing movie. They don't make movies with such nice stories anymore. Hope to find more in the future.
Oh, Millie, this movie sounds great! And what a nice review you did. You certainly whet my appetite enough that I will add it to my queue on Netflix. So kind of movie!
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