Saturday, October 28, 2006
There are three reasons I am posting this potato pancake recipe.

First of all, I was talking to Ronni recently and she expressed interest in making potato pancakes and I thought that this was a good time to do it since the cold weather is approaching in New England. Instead of going out into the sunshine, it's time to spend more time in the kitchen.

Photo by Taaalia.

Another reason for the pancake recipe is that the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, starts on December 15 and the traditional food served is potato pancakes. I only make them for the holiday, as I find them a chore, but in the end they are worth the effort. They freeze well so I can make them at my convenience and have them "at the ready."

The last reason is that my mother made the very best pancakes. She didn't have a recipe per se, if you asked her "how much" her answer was, "just enough." She just had a knack for making anything she made taste great.

Over the years I have tried to make them like hers, this is the closest I've come.

Millie's Potato Pancakes

6 Russet potatoes (they don't turn brown)
1 Medium Onion
2 Eggs
1/4 Teaspoon Baking Powder
1 Teaspoon Salt
1/8 Teaspoon Pepper
3 Tablespoons Flour
Peanut Oil for frying

Peel and grate potatoes, add grated onion , beaten eggs, seasonings, baking powder and flour. Mix well.

Heat quarter inch of cooking oil in frying pan. Fry batter by large heaping tablespoons until crisp. Turn and cook other side.

The secret of making pancakes in advance is to fry and remove them to layers of paper toweling, allowing them to drain for a few seconds.

Place pancakes on a cookie sheet and freeze.

When ready to serve, set oven at 400 degrees and heat until, like my mother would say, "until they are hot."

Serve with sour cream or apple sauce.


Oh, thank you, Millie. I'll do a trial run with these later this week. Can't wait...
I LOVE Potato pancakes!!! Always looking for a good recipe. We usually use the mix you find at Albertson's.
Thanks for posting it :)

When I am lazy and want to make a potato pudding I too buy a package of potato pancake mix, follow the directions for potato PUDDING on the back of the box and add one grated potato.

It come out good but not like the real thing.
That photo looks great. I will try your recipe, but I thought it was MY mother who made the best potato latkes.

You just gave me the biggest laugh!!

I guess everyone thinks their mother made the best pancakes ---
Quite an interesting recipe, Millie. My mom used to put instead of ordinary flour, 3/4 flour and 1/4 matzo flour.
Wonder if it would make a difference or not?
She used to call those latkes.

My mother called them latkes too.

I never tried a combination of flour AND matzo meal;

When I make them for the holidays will try it that way---maybe that will make a difference, it wouldn't hurt!

Millie, mr. kenju and I both LOVE potato pancakes. I will try your recipe very soon. Thanks for sharing.

The recipe I use most is from a Cuisinart cookbook, and it has nutmeg in it. Have you ever used that?
I used to bake potato bread every week. I knew just what size russet potato to buy, just how much water to cover it in in the pan, just how big a handful of flour to add. Practice made so perfect. Couldn't do it now without a recipe, because I haven't done it in so long.
Finally a recipe that Mr. Kenju would enjoy! Have been thinking about him and thought I would put up a meat recipe since he doesn't go for fish.

Glad he like pancakes. As far as nutmeg goes, I only use salt and pepper for seasonings. Whatever turns you on!

Maya's Granny
You sound like the same kind of cook my mother was. She always put in "just enough."
that looks yummy! i never had any Jewish dish before and i believe i will be off to the kitchen now!
I made pumpkin pancakes, this morning; but, it is obvious, I need to make latkes, soon. Didn't you post this recipe, before? Thought that I had tried your recipe (but, of course, I can't find it in the mess that is my recipe cabinet!) Thanks for the recipe. Cop Car
Cop Car
What a memory you have!! When I decided to post this recipe it seemed to me that "maybe" I had put it up before. Checked with google and sure enough I MENTIONED my mother's potato pancakes in a post that I made on Novemer 14, 2004 but did not put up the recipe.

The title of the post was "Gogol" It was a review of the book, " The Namesake."

Again, I have to congratulate you on your good memory!!
I also love potato pancakes and grew up with them as my Polish grandmother always made them.
I'm not as creative in the I resort to the packaged mix, so thanks for the recipe, Millie
Hi Millie, You give me motivation to cook. I would like some Latkes even though there isn't any holiday! Thank You!!Nanci B
I have never had much luck with them in the past:( But I will give your recipe a go! I really like the freeze ahead idea, if they last that long. With 3 boys, everything just gets eaten up! Aunt Belle did that with stuffed baked potatoes (another labor-intensive potato dish). Thanks!
Oh...I can't wait to try these. I love potato cakes..
Millie, I found your blog via Plain Simple English...

This recipe sounds question: do you form the pancakes before you place them in the hot oil, or do you pat them down by spoonfuls as they hit the oil??

Thanks again..your blog is wonderful...I love to cook and pancakes are hands down my favorite food. We never had potato cakes quite like these, and I am excited to try...
Thanks Millie, for this lovely recipe. I cook the way your mother did because my grandmother who raised me cooked that way. I use "pinches" and "dabs" and "just enough", with everything I cook. God love those great ole' mothers!

To answer your question, "do I pat them down by spoonfuls as they hit the oil?" Yes, but do it carefully, don't plop them, the hot oil could splatter and you could get burnt.

To all my pancake makers

I'd love to hear from you, how did they come out, any problems and did you enjoy them?
I'll give these a try and let you know how they turn out.
Your Apple Crisp recipe is one of my hubby's favorites: We use Granny Smith Apples istead of Golden Delicious. It's usually all gone inside of 24 hours!
Hi Millie,
And I thought MY mother made the best latkes!!! Thanks for revealing the secret to not having the potatoes turn brown. That's news to me. I can't wait to make them!

Can't wait to try this recipe! Hi Millie, I am a senior who teaches Internet and Email to other seniors at SeniorNet in Dallas, Texas. I am teaching a 2 day Blog class and I am using your site to hopefully inspire them.

V. Ingram
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