Saturday, October 14, 2006
When I first learned that Claude from Blogging In Paris was going to be visiting friends in Sudbury, MA which is a suburb of Boston, my thought was, "how were we going to get together." I live north of Boston and Sudbury is west of Boston.

Well, you know the old saying, "if there is a will, there is a way." Claude was visiting Ronni in Portland and found out that there is a train that leaves Portland and goes directly to South Station in Boston. It's been years since I have driven into town but I was able to arrange a ride that took me to the station.

Her train came in even earlier then scheduled, I arrived early too. Well, I wish you could have seen the two of us -- She spotted me before I saw her but hesitated, she saw someone that looked like me but I was sitting with a gentleman and then she thought, "well, that could be Millie!" By this time I recognized her and we both ran to each other. As far as the gentleman was concerned, the station is a busy place and he asked if he could share the table with me.

Millie and Claude
I have read Claude for a few years now and know what a lovely, sensitive and caring person she is but meeting her in person I found she was even more special then I imagined. What a wonderful visit we had!!

Les Zygomates Sign
Fortunatly, my daughter-in-law Carol was working in that area that day, met us at South Station and walked us over to Les Zygomates, a restaurant that she is familiar with. I rarely get into town so having Carol take us over there was a big help. She went back to work and left us to enjoy lunch together and gab, gab, gab.

To top of having a great lunch with Claude we each had a cappuccino - was that ever good!

Steve and Carol joined us after lunch and got to spend some time with Claude and as you saw from my previous post, he video blogged us.

Isn't it wonderful how blogging brings people together from near and far!!

I'd love to have a capuccino with you any day Millie. KP
What terrific pictures of you and Claude, Millie. Wasn't it terrific to meet her in person...
Oh Millie, what a great post. I am so disappointed that my blog is down and that I cannot post anything :(
I had such a wonderful time with you (AND a wonderful lunch) and I also enjoyed meeting Steve and Carol whom I knew from their show!
I am taking the plane to Paris this afternoon, and hopefully the blog will be back up and running tomorrow when I get home.
Lots of love
Oh, Millie...what great photos of you and Claude! And's very wonderful how this world of blogging has brought so many of us together. But YOU were the first blogger I got to meet in June when I was up you'll always be extra special to me. Shhh! Don't tell the other
How wonderful. Meeting bloggers is a true joy. Who could have imagined that you could meet someone from a totally different country.

You both look so happy.
What a testament to like mindedness. Nice to have family to help out as well!
Beautiful day :)
What a wonderful post about such a great connection you've made through blogging. How exciting!

millie, great pictures of you and claude. the vlog was wonderful too! meeting claude was a very special experience for all of us. we were quite privileged to have the opportunity to spend time with such an adventurous elderblogger-- delightful communicator.
Millie, I so enjoyed your photos and video of your time with Claude.
Just wonderful

I am envious! Too much fun up there in the frigid cold north...

Thanks for the video! Made up for not being there and getting to have a cappuccino!
What I'd like to know Millie, is - 'who does your make-up for these video shoots?' - you look FANTASTIC!
Millie, here is the photo of the capuccinos for you ;)
Hi Dellab

To answer your question, "who does my makeup for those videoblogs."

It's "Cover Girl" and my mother's genes.

Claude wasn't wearing any make up and look how great she looked!

Must be the Paris water.
I'd love to do it too! Claude looks like a friend I have here in my town, right up to the shock of white hair! How ironic that I was in Paris, while Claude was here.
What wonderful photos! And how great that you got to meet up. THe power of the internet to make the world smaller is truly amazing...

I'm going to say this very quietly... but I was in Boston about a month ago and I did toy with the idea of trying to meet up with other bloggers. But we were only there for not even 48 hours and I did have my husband along (who possibly didn't want to spend his only full day in Boston with a bunch of crazy bloggers ;-)). So I contented myself with a lovely phone conversation with Ronni. But next time I have vowed to come for longer and you'll be among the first people to know!
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