Wednesday, November 01, 2006
I Can't Open It VII

Millie Garfield from My Mom's Blog has trouble opening a can of whipped cream.

Other format: Quicktime.

Hey, that was cute! Also, was that a laughtrack? It added a lot to the video.
millie, did you know that you and i now have blog visibility in philly...cound that be fixed up to be a tune? here's thje place--

perhaps you'll be invited to do in-person appearances re-enacting your "I Can't Open It!" series!

These "I Can't Open It" spots are in a word hilarious! My coworkers and I read your blog regularly and love your words of wisdom, anecdotes and the videos!

I work at a place called Gilbert Guide which focuses on seniors and the long-term care industry. I even penned a blog recently on Thoroughly Modern Millie. If you'd like to see it, click here!
Hi Ami,
Glad you shared a link to your post about my mom.

Here's a direct link to your post.


Yes, that was a laughtrack - just like on TV only I don't get paid!! ;-)

When I get an invitation to do an in-person appearance I will certainly let you know!!

Thank you so much for your great post about my blog.

It made me feel good to know that you and your co-workers read my blog regularly. And from what you wrote you know me very well.

I could go on and on about why I blog but to put it in a nutshell, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction and I get to know some wonderful people.
Millie I love the video!!

And Millie, As Boolie Werthan, her son, said to Miss Daisy in "Driving Miss Daisy,

"You're a doodle, Mama"

"You're a doodle, Millie"

:) Chancy
Bless you...I know the frustration, believe me. My new thing to say of late is, "they want me to buy it, but they don't want me to get into it!"
Hi Millie. I just loved, "I Can't Open it VII". The other day I spent some time looking at all of the older I Can't Open Them spots you did and I couldn't believe it, but I couldn't open the first one you did. What a laugh!

Usually, with whipped cream, I end up using my teeth to try to get the little pull tab working. Thanks for all the laughs.
That sure looks yummy...and the perfect dessert to those pancakes of yours.
Cute video, as always.
I loved the laugh track on this latest "I Can't Open It".

I thought of you the other day. I was in the kitchen and had to open up a new bottle of cooking oil (Mazola) and I couldn't get the new cap off. I figured it out eventually. Turns out it screwed off and I felt like an idiot. I kept wishing that one of my boys was around to help. You're lucky to have your Steve. frustration is with small print size -- see my blog post titled On Packaged Dinners, Etc.
Funny video! Haven't seen all your videos, but if you haven't done one yet -- getting into a clear plastic package which enclosed a headset I bought was a nightmare and a medical accident waiting to happen. I can just imagine what you'd do with that!!*smile*
Yes, I sure am lucky to have Steve, he can open anything I have a problem with. Haven't stumped him yet.

When I give him a "gift bag", before he opens it he can tell what's in it. Haven't stumped him yet. ;-)

Thanks for the visit. I went over to your blog to get acquained. You write some funny stuff.

Reading about your problem with packaging reminded me of the time my dentist recommended that I use an electric toothbrush. I went out an bought one but could NOT OPEN the package. The next time I had an appoinment with the dentist I asked the hygienist for help. She stuggled with the package and finally was able to open it.
lady skye fyre
Oh, - openning the tab on the can of whipped cream with your teeth sounds like a dangerous thing to do!

Do you have dental insurance? Maybe you should whip your own cream and save your teeth. ;-)
Hey! You couldn't open it, but once Steve did, it looked yummy!
Was that canned laughter I heard? ;)

I wish Steve had been around this morning as I tried to open a jar of medicine. I'll have to take it to the chemist's tomorrow morning! It can't be opened by kids... or by me!!!
I think your son has more fun editing and audioing these videos than you do! Thanks for the chuckle, now I am hungry for dessert.

Yes, that was canned laughter. Steve comes up with new techniques all the time, as do you!!

I already have a few items for him to open for me the next time he comes over. It seems I never run out of material for his videos so I can keep the laughs coming. ;-)
Hi Millie, thanks for getting back to me about my video - I need the feedback - so far I have only a link to a file.wmv so I am expecting that a lot of people will not be able to read it yet - it's good for me to know who they are and what programs I need to provide for. It's a good bit of learning and so far so good.

So, don't get a new program yet (thanks Steve) - I am hopeful that I will get it to work the way I want, I am trying to avoid using any of the community video site providers, I want to try and run it from my own hosted domain - just for the fun, really.

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