Monday, December 11, 2006
My friend Zadi has tagged me. ;-)

Five Things You Do Not Know About Me

1. I sold Avon for ten years - started out by going door to door in my neighborhood and eventually had a number of representatives selling for me. When Steve was a youngster I had him delivering orders using his bike. At Christmas time I had my husband and Steve help me pack up the orders. Business was good!

2. I participated in and organized many major fund raisers for Hadassah, even had my husband put on a magic show and charged admission. In one of the shows Aaron had Steve participate, he gave Steve a glass of milk and Steve made the milk disappear! That was the hit of the performance.

3. I volunteered at a Senior Day Care Center. That's where I learned that you do not ask the participant, "How Are You," They will tell you! - you say, "It's nice to see you today."

4. I had an office job where the boss chased me around the desk. That was before the term sexual harassment was used.

5. I play a game with myself when I read a comment from someone. As I read it, I try to figure out who made it - I usually get it right.

I'm not going to tag anyone but if you want to share "info" with me, I'd love to know more about you. ;-)

Millie! I love your five. I can picture Steve on his bike helping you deliver the Avon products. And we have to get him to show us that magic trick.

I can also picture your boss chasing you around the desk. For some reason in my head he looks like Benny Hill. Today, if that were to happen, he would warrant a kungfu kick in the you know what. :)
Funny you should say that. My bosses name was Ben and he sort of looked like Benny Hill with that gleam in his eye.

I was 25 and he was 50.
It is nice to learn more about you Mildred.

Good evening (It's 10 past 10 here) Millie and all

currently in the process of tagging you on my myspace

i also have a blogger account but dont use it very often i think this is the post to start with lol
hahaha cute :)
I tried selling Avon when I was 17. And sucked at it. I think they just wanted me for their pyramid thingy so the lady could say she had so many under her :)
She was way more interested in getting me signed up than showing me what i was supposed to be doing.

But MAN those samples were awesome!
always interesting!
I really enjoyed this Millie. Interesting about the sexual harrassment...makes one realize it's been going on for years! But NOW women have recourse to put a stop to it.
Loved the one about the Sr. How true! As a home health RN, sometimes I dreaded walking in their house and asking how they
I just recently found out that three men's cologne decanters that I have of Avon's "Wild Country" are worth about $20 each. I purchased the cologne around 1970.
I will remember your advice if I ever volunteer at an old age home!
Humm Millie..thanks for the heads up about the guessing game

"Who posted this comment"

PS: You look mar--vee--lous in your sea blue, down in Florida dress..
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