Thursday, December 07, 2006
Millie Garfield: Changing the World
Elisa Camahort writes about my mom in ChangeThis :: Women Bloggers: Changing Their Worlds, Changing the World:
Changing the way we age
Millie Garfield ( may not be the world's oldest blogger, but at age 81 she's likely close to it. Millie has discovered an entirely new world full of friends from all over the world and ideas from all over the map. We've probably all seen older relatives whose worlds seem to grow smaller as they age. Their friends die or move away; their family may shrink; their physical health may prevent them from getting out and about like they did. Physical and emotional isolation are detrimental to to anyone's health, let alone those whose condition may already be vulnerable. Blogging represents a way to expand our world and to stay connected to it. It also provides an opportunity to continue to exercise the brain ... reading, writing, debating, formulating ideas, imagining how various experiences can contribute to tomorrow's blog post! Blogging and active participation in the blog community has the potential to change the way we age, providing unprecedented mental stimulation and emotional fulfillment. Millie doesn't have the time to wonder whether blogging 'keeps her young' ... it keeps her too busy.

Congrats! to the ultimate Diva of the Blogosphere. By the way, bet you're happy to be in sunny FL it is freezing!
Well done Millie! Your blog is very interesting.

You may like to read a story I've just written about a 94-year-old man in Sweden who's the world's oldest blogger.

It's posted at

Then please take a look at The World's First Multi-National e-Book:

Best wishes, Eric (87-year-old in Sydney, Australia).
I love it. KP
Well done Millie!
Hope you had a good trip!
This was great, Millie and I totally agree with her. You're one of THEE "youngest" 81 year olds I've ever seen. Of course, I'm not sure how much your blogging contributes to (Or just good genes)
Are you now down here in chilly Florida, Millie? Stay warm!
Congratualtions once again, Millie. You are becoming famous. I hope, when I am your age, to be the same as you are - too busy to worry about etting old!
I hope you get settled in Flordia with no trauma. I hope that everything is easy to open while you're down there away from Steve the son-who-opens-stuff.
Me again.

I just had a second thought. How about a strong magnet, like the horseshoe type you can buy at a hardware store, in the car to retrieve metal objects like keys etc that chose to fall between the seats?

Regarding genes - I inherited my mom's genes, the only lines she had were "laugh lines" and those appeared when she was in her 80's.
I'll be leaving for Florida this coming Wednesday. I hear it's nice down there now. Looking forward to some sunshine.

Thanks for your good words. If I do have trouble opening anything down there I will have to meet the challenge somehow - maybe I'll catch a young visitor or a strong senior citizen! ;-)

What a great idea! I'm going to keep my eyes open for what you suggested - a strong magnet sounds like it could do the trick. Thanks -
Hi Millie! I'm tagging you for Blog- Tag (blame Steve :)) Something that's making the rounds in the blogosphere.

You are to blog five things we don't know about you.

Steve tagged me, so here are mine.
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