Tuesday, December 26, 2006
My Mom on TV Today
Mom on TV - Closeup
My mom is going to be on TV today and Ronni gives all the details, Elderblogging on RLTV Today:
"It's been a long weekend of festivities with another celebration due on Saturday, so you might need to rest up a bit. Here's a chance to do that for an hour today while checking out Retirement Living Television's take on ElderBlogging on The Daily Apple show.

The program features Millie Garfield of My Mom's Blog, Mort Reichek of Octogenarian, Susan Harris of Takoma Gardener - and me. Like the show last week, there are three ways to watch:

1. Comcast subscribers in the Middle Atlantic and New England states can watch on Channel CN8 at 3PM eastern time.
2. DirecTV subscribers can see the show on channel 238 at 12 noon and at 3PM eastern time.
3. Anyone can watch at 3PM eastern time at www.rl.tv and at www.cn8.com."

I guess I'll have to wait till they put the program on line as I am having company this evening. BUT! I have my new mac WITH a webcam and we should really arrange something to get together tomorrow or Thursday!

Congratulations on your new Mac and webcam. Wednesday night would be good for me, I'll be home in the evening.

What time is it in Paris, say my time 7:30pm - How would that work for you?

Pretty exciting things we are doing!!
What a WONDERFUL piece that was! congratulations! You looked positively radiant and really know your stuff. Outstanding! I told Steve that ABC should have you as a correspondent.
Yes, a comment from me.

You were great--- Very natural and you spoke just like you would with Steve and I, that's what's great about you. Keep it up.
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