Tuesday, December 26, 2006
"Pleasure" seems to have gotten lost on it's way to Florida. I'm waiting to write about some fun stuff but I think I will have to ask AAA for directions.

I knew before I got down here that my Florida internist had retired and that I would need a new doctor, never expecting I'd need one so soon. Well, I must be allergic to something down here in rainy, cloudy, windy and muggy Florida because it didn't take more then a week when I broke out in a mean looking body rash. I was concerned that this rash could be "the shingles", which if treated promptly doesn't develop into something long lasting and painful.

Fortunately I found an internist that saw me the very next day. He thought it might be the shingles or a fungal infection and gave me three prescriptions which I filled at the pharmacy.

Before I left the doctor's office I inquired about "the shingles shot" which I have heard prevents a person from getting this painful illness. He took the time to explain to me that the shot, when available, cost about $200.00 and is not covered by most medical plans. He also told me that Medicare is considering covering the cost of the shots because in the long run it would cost Medicare less, better to prevent the problem then have to cover the cost of medication once the patient has the shingles. I'll be watching out for that development.

Once I got home, I took the first dose of the prescribed medication and got ready for an afternoon that I was looking forward to, it was a book review at the local library, Burr, by Gore Vidal. About a week ago Ronni mentioned that Gore Vidal was one of her favorite authors and I thought, "how great is that, I'll make a post about it, she'll get a kick out of it."

Well, as I was getting ready to leave for the library I didn't feel just right but I thought it would pass and off I went to meet my friend, fortunately, we had arranged to go in separate cars. The librarian hadn't been into more then five minutes of her presentation when I really didn't feel well and had to leave the lecture. I was in no condition to drive so my friend drove me home in her car and after three calls to the doctor's office he finally returned my call and told me not to take anymore of that medicine until the next day. After a few hours I did feel better, we drove back to the library and I was able to drive my car back home.

I learned a few things from that experience -
1. pay attention to what your body is telling you.
2. when you start a new medication, don't plan on painting the town, wait and see how you react to it.
Maybe my next post will be, "Pleasure in Paradise!" It's about time!!

Hi Millie! I'm glad that you're feeling better. :)

Congratulations on your TV interview! It's great to hear how you're meeting people from all over the world. You're a very inspiring video blogger.

Happy New Year!
It sure was a good thing that you had someone with you who could take you home. You are right about not planning to go out when you are unsure of your reaction to a new medicine.

Hope your rash goes away soon, Millie.
Millie, sorry you felt poorly. Hope you are feeling better now! Over here it's really chilly and unpleasant. I am terrible, because I don't like it in the summer when it gets too hot and don't like it in the winter when it gets too cold. There's no pleasing me ;)
Good advice, Millie, about trying out medications before leaving home. I'm sorry you missed the Vidal lecture, but you were terrific on the TV show.

Merry Christmas

I was bored so tagged you


I so you are on the mend now. We had several family members ill with colds at the Christmas Eve dinner so it wasn't a really lively time.
Sorry to hear about your med episode but very glad you're feeling better. And just remember...sometimes the cure is worse than the "disease."
If it turns out to be Shingles, here's hoping you have a very mild case of it.
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