Tuesday, January 23, 2007
With all the talk about the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards I thought I would make a post about what, "in my opinion" I would give the awards to.


SONNY'S, West Atlantic in Delray
The other night two of my friends and I ate at this local eatery. When we walked in there were no tables available for three people, only tables for two. After a short while a couple that were seated at a table of four got up from their table and went to a table that seated two, called out to us that we could have their table! Weren't they nice!!

Once we were seated we studied the menu and the three of us decided to order the Boston Scrod since we had heard their fish was good. Before the waitress came to take our orders a patron approached our table and said, "you look like nice ladies, I want to tell you that I had the lamb chops and they were especially good."

That did it, we all ordered the lamb chops!

flickr photo by by LynnInSingapore

The chops turned out to be succulent, tasty and very thin, not like the baby lamb chops that we expected. We came to the conclusion they were cut from a rack of lamb. We acknowledged this to our "friend" at the other table. She then proceeded to tell us about the great homemade apple strudel that the chef makes. Not only was the dessert delicious, it was topped with vanilla ice cream.

We met thoughtful people, we had a great meal AND during the meal the owner and chef sang a few operatic arias, and then to top it all he sang, "A Yiddish Mama." He's still learning the words to that one so he had a crib sheet. I bet the next time I'm at his place he'll have another Yiddish song under his belt.

Four stars to Sonny's
Four stars to the patrons at Sonny's


Palm Beach County Library

Once a month the library presents a book review which is conducted by a retired librarian who tells us she reads thirty books a week, yes thirty books a week. Her delivery is dynamic, knows her facts and has a great sense of humor.

Her approach is this:
First she talks about the author
Then she talks about the book
Then she follows up with a question and answer period.
This month the book was, "Wish You Well," by David Baldacci. Baldacci is the author of ten New York Times best sellers and I believe he is only in his mid-forties. All of his previous books were mysteries, this one is totally different.

The setting is in south-western Virginia in the 1970s, it's a homespun tale which will take you on a roller-coaster ride and keep you turning pages.

Four stars for the librarian
Four stars for "Wish You Well"

Next month the book to be reviewed is "The Great Influenza" by John M. Barry. I don't know how I'll feel about "Influenza" but I will give it a try.

Hey hey! What a great idea, to give out YOUR stars! Looks like you have settled down and appreciate being back in Florida. Hope you have good weather. Here, it's finally got chilly, windy, and they are announcing snow in the next few days. I hope not, because snow in Paris turns to mud in no time.
Go on having a good time!
I love this idea, Millie. You are a good reviewer!

I have read almost everything David Baldacci has written. He was an attorney, and he used to work with a Washington, DC law firm that my daughter also worked for. She got several of his books autographed for me!

His first, called Absolute Power, is one of the most sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat books I've ever read. I loved it! The Camel Club is also good.
I love book suggestions! Since watching and enjoying the "Mrs. Palfrey" movie on your recommendation, you've got top credibility in "my book". Keep 'em coming.
Not complaining mind you but you need to do something about that photo of those lamb chops. Everytime I come to visit and I scroll past that photo I have to go get something to eat! :)
Trust me to read your restaurant review when I was hungry and only a bit of toast for lunch at my desk Grrrr.
Thanks for the visit, Millie. I also drink tonic water sometimes, and it helps. I wonder, though, since the FDA is banning all OTC quinine, maybe they will not allow tonic water to be sold anymore. I guess the percentage of quinine in tonic water is very small, though, so maybe they won't take it off the market.
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Hi Millie,
You don't know me but I visit your blog from time to time and find it extremely entertaining. I tried your potato pancakes and they were wonderful! Thanks for the review of Sonny's. I am moving to Florida (Highland Beach) next year and it is near Delray Beach. I'll be sure to visit Sonny's. Those lamb chops look scrumptious!
V. Ingram
SeniorNet of Dallas
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