Monday, January 01, 2007
At this time of year I always think of how I spent New Year's Eve at various times in my life.


It had to be in the 50's when my three single friends and I did not have a date for New Year's eve. Now, that was a terrible thing, it summed up the whole year. We were in our mid-twenties, were not married and did not even have a steady date. In those days if you were still single at that age people thought there was something wrong with you. We really were ahead of the times because today many girls don't get married until they are in their thirties.

Well, we were all feeling down in the dumps because the big night was approaching and we had no plans. Hallelujah the phone rang and it was one of my friends who told me that her married cousin was inviting the three lost souls to her home for dinner New Years eve.

We didn't have dates but we were welcomed to share the evening with some wonderful and very thoughtful people.


Another New Years evening that I'll never forget was here in Florida a few years ago. Every year they have what they call, "First Night" which is held outdoors, live entertainment and all kinds of fun outdoor activities that are part of the gala evening. Tickets were purchased and plans for dinner were made. The restaurant we went to was crowded noisy and expensive.

The forecast for the evening was "low 40's and high winds!" I bundled up, put on whatever I had to buffer the cold BUT, it was freezing out. The girls I went with were hardier souls then I, they had to stay until the ball dropped and if that was not enough we went out for coffee afterwards, I didn't warm up for days!! I never did that again.


Flickr photo by cobalt123

The first winter in Florida, after my husband retired, we went to a Chinese restaurant that not only had good food, but they also had a great band and were right near the ocean! It was the "in place" to go, not only were we with our friends but there were many people there that we knew. It was like old home week!

After midnight my husband and I took a walk on the sandy beach, we were wearing light clothing, no jackets, there was a balmy breeze and a full moon. For newly arrived snowbirds it was an unforgettable experience!

Isn't fun to look back over those New Years Eve memories and think of many of our friends at that time. One of those evenings 45 years ago was spent in the day room of a hospital watching the ball fall then rushing back to bed because my first born had made an appearance earlier that morning.
Sounds like nice memories looking back. But you didn't tell us what you did this year. Whatever it was, hope you enjoyed it.
Millie, Happy New Year! Good health and happiness always! I'm
remembering back to age 20--Gee, I'm glad I haven't lost my memory. The first date I had with Ben,who was to become my husband,was on New Years Eve. The movie was Gone With The Wind {first showing!) Then a sandwich at a cafe on Vine St. We hopped on a streetcar to ride back home.{No car] We didn't think life was hard then; we didn't know any better. But we lerned son enough!

Millie, my best always to you, Steven and Carol.
That sounds like a great New Year's date. "Gone With The Wind" and a sandwich shop afterwards.

When I was dating, when I was 17, 18 and 19, the boys were just coming out of the service and no one had a car. When I went out on a date the fellows had to take a bus to my house and then we had to go into Boston by subway. We didn't think anything of it, that's the way it was!!

Who could do those subway stairs now - forget it!!

Enjoy your family and have a great 2007.
Millie, either my GoogleReader forgot to tell me you had posted this or I must have been blind. Or else I was dazzled by your Yiddish class! That must be it ;)

Nice to look back at memories. I must say that I never did much on New Year's Eve. What did you do this year?
Hope you are feeling OK and that the weather is better.
Lots of love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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