Tuesday, January 09, 2007
What most people down here in Florida try to do is "not cook." Well I am no exception.

There is a deli near me that has everything you can imagine for a quick and easy meal, you name, they have it. Cold cuts, white fish, sable, lox, cream cheese, cream cheese with chives, cream cheese with vegies, chopped liver, chopped herring, tuna salad, chicken salad, crabmeat salad, potato salad, cole slaw and off course, knishes. I could go on and on but you get the idea. Are you still reading this or are you on the way to the kitchen to fix up a quick and easy dish?

Flickr photo by OiMax

Two of my favorite items are the barbecue chickens and the rolled cabbage which comes in a delicious sauce. Both freeze well and when I know that I will be eating in, I just take the item out of the freezer, cook some rice or bake a potato in the microwave and I am in business.

Well, the other day I took out the container of rolled cabbage and was all set to prepare the rice (minute rice) which goes so well with the sauce. I opened up the container and started to pour it into a pan in order to heat the contents.

Well to my surprise, there was no sauce, no cabbage, just some liquid that looked like chicken soup!! Guess what, it was chicken soup!! At that point I took everything out of the freezer trying to find the rolled cabbage - never found it!!

I remeber being in the deli and asking the salesperson for extra sauce ( Iove it so) I saw him fill the container and after that I can't tell you what happened. There definitely was a slip between the cup and the lip!

That night I had two surprises, one- no rolled cabbage for supper, instead I had hot dogs and beans.

Life is full of surprises, what are you going to do, you just have to go with the flow!!

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Millie, did you call the deli and tell them about it? I suspect the clerk who was helping you got distracted and picked up someone else's order. That could be a real disappointment, sometimes - and an adventure at other times!
Seems I am not the only one this weird things just happen to... :-) have you checked you didn't put it somewhere else than the freezer? (like the cutlery drawer for example?) it is usually my way of explaining such situations.
My freezer is a complete mystery to me! What are knishes?
Usually I pursue something like "the missing rolled cabbage" but this time I let it go, didn't want to make a special trip.
Next time I am in the deli will mention it to the manager and see what happens.

You have a good thought, "maybe I put it somewhere where it didn't belong" - so far- still no rolled cabbage. It's not calling to me so I guess it's not in the house!! ;-)

Since you come from England, the best way I can describe "a knish" to you is, it's something like kidney pie, only it is an individual serving of a thin dough containing a mixture of some type of seasoned meat which is baked, usually served as an appetizer. Great with a glass of wine!
I tried to leave a comment the other day, but blogger wouldn't let me.
So I'll try again.....Seeing these "stuffed cabbages" was a step back in time for me. They're what my Polish grandmother used to make and were called Golomki's in Polish. Oh, how I loved those and wish I'd gotten her recipe.
Terri, you are right. I had a number of Polish friend which would cook up some marvelous Polish cuisine. One of them were the famous golabki (or gołąbki as it is written in Polish - pronounced go-wome-bki - which is plural, the singular is golabek so it end in -ek instead of -ki). I've usually had them prepared with a tomato sauce which is delicious. Have you tried to google for a recipe? Perhaps with some tooling around you can rediscover something close to your grandmother's personal touch!
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