Saturday, January 27, 2007
On a Merry-Go-Round
When I first came down to Florida this winter I had some health problems that I had to attend to. It took about a month for me to get into the swing of things but since then I have been cooking on all burners. As a matter of fact I turned down an invitation to go to the movies on Saturday and if you know what a movie goer I am, that's saying a lot.

Since last Sunday there has been something doing every single day, even out to breakfast at a country club with a group, and going out to breakfast is not my cup of tea. I am not a morning person and for me, to go out to breakfast, that's really something. Why did I go, because I had heard the club was beautiful and didn't want to pass up the opportunity to see it. Yes, it was lovely!

To give you a sampling of what's going on here, this is what I was up to last week.
Sunday - A luncheon at a country club with an organization that I belong to.
Monday - Mah-Jong
Tuesday - 9:30 breakfast at country club
Wednesday - Dinner and show at my clubhouse
Thursday - Lunch out and a card game at a friend's home
Friday - The Lettermen at my clubhouse
Those are just a few highlights of the week - then there are always errands to squeeze in like getting gas, going to the bank, going to the cleaners and on and on.

Even at 81 I'm still trying to learn to say "no, I can't make it," but finally on Saturday that's what I did, passed up the movie, just had to stay home and catch up with myself.

Now I'm looking at the February calender and this is a sampling of what's coming up:
February 11 - Chelsea Reunion - that's the city I grew up in, pepole come from all over - one year 900 prople attended - since that time the number attending averages about 600 or 700 people.

February 12 - Hard Rock Resort in Hollywood, Fl. A bus will take us to this exciting resort, cost $30.00 per person. This includes the cost of the transportation, lunch money and gambling coupons. I'm not a gambler so I'm planning to have lunch and spend my time at the beautiful pool area.

February 13 - Florida Friends of Hebrew SeniorLife is planning "A Night in Polynesia Dinner Show" at the Mai Kai Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. Again, transportation is provided.
The trouble with all these events is they come one day after another!! Ideally, it would be great if they were scheduled all through the month. What's a person to do -When I made a commitment to one, I was not aware of the other trips that were coming up. Somethings you just can't control.

With all this going on I have not visited my blogging friends as much as I would like and find it a challenge to make a weekly post. If you don't see my posts as regularly as usual, not to worry, I'm not sick, have not left the country or have quit blogging, I'm just on a Merry-Go-Round and one of these days I will get off.

Congratulations, Millie - I couldn't possibly keep up that schedule. Even in my 20s and 30s I had a rule: I wouldn't go out two nights in a row. I needed that rule then and I think once is three nights is a good rule for me now.
I've been missing the morning smile your blog gives me. I'm so glad there's a happy reason for your absence. You go, girl!
Like Ronni, I'd be unable to keep up with such a schedule! I am not crazy about going out in the evening, especially in winter.
It's good to know you have overcome your health problems and are having a good time.
Lots of love
Millie, you stay on that merry-go-round as long as you are physically able! I don't know where you get the energy, but God love ya - you're a wonder!
I think it is just great that you are staying on the go and enjoying yourself. As they say..."You go girl!"

And as far as the blogging goes, just keep in mind that it is not a job. I think we all can live with the silence knowing you're out enjoying life.
I have to admire your stamina Millie. I cannot go that hard and regularly. A social outing once a week is enough for me but then I am one who enjoys quiet and solitude.

Hi Millie, 900 people from Chelsea MA?? I grew up in Chelsea too. I went to SHurtleff School, Williams School and to Chelsea High School for two years and then I moved to Swampscott. Did you live in Chelsea during the big fire?
I love reading about all your activities. I am very social now, at 48, so I hope when I get older that I can maintain a schedule like yours. This sort of an aside, but I want to tell you that I adopted a little dog about a year ago. I needed a dog with a lot of personality and confidence because I am quite social, so he has to be, too. I picked him up from the breeder on a Friday. The next day I went to a party and guess who came along? My puppy! So he's been social from the very beginning!
I need a spoonful or two of what you are on... I've been in bed every night this week before 9pm.
To all of you who are wondering how I am keeping up this hectic pace, here"s my answer:
I'm highly motivated to take advantage of the special events that are offered to me. They don't happen every day.
I don't want to miss the opportunity to get together with old and new friends.
If I were up north things would be very quite and I would not be going out on a cold winter night.

I got a kick out of Alan's comment that blogging is not a job, if you don't blog for
a while it's ok."
Well, you know what happens when you stop exercising for a while or stop dieting - it's hard to get back on track. I don't want to take that chance so I'll try to keep blogging as I always do, even if it's just to say, "hi."

Plus, I squeeze in a nap whenever I can!
I went to Shurtleff School too and lived on Congress Ave, graduated from Chelsea High in 1943.

After I got married lived in Lynn and then moved to Swampscott. We probably have been shopping in Marshalls at the same time!

I'd like to know more about you! Do you blog etc. etc.?
At my age I still have stamina but I am finding that meeting with people seems more invasive than it used to. I hope to be the social butterfly that you are when I reach your age, because I really believe that it is a most healthy lifestyle...but it will take some proactive effort on my part. Socializing is like exercise for me...a good thing, but I have to schedule it!
Well, aren't you just the social butterfly! Pretty soon you're going to need a social secretary to help you keep track of things.
And I say, GOOD for you! I've always said it's the active, busy, people that are ageless. And you are that, Millie. So keep having fun and don't worry about the blogging. There's too much LIFE going on around you, so enjoy!
Hi Millie,
Your energy pervades your blog and is inspiring. I liked the little photo of your library because I love libraries. They are about all that is left of real democracy- but I won't get going on my liberal thing, before we even know each other. What are your ten favorite books?
Hello Millie,I'm from Turkey.So nice to see wise people with us.If you have time visit me someday.

Take Good Care
God Bless You
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