Tuesday, March 06, 2007
On February 10, I made a post entitled "My Life Saver" in which I related my problems with Capital One, who's TJX Visa plan had come to an end.

I recently received a letter from TJX informing me that I will be receiving information on the new TJX Rewards program with a new bank soon!

Until then they are offering me a temporary savings card good for 10% off every purchase at their stores from now through April 15, 2007. I didn't waste anytime and have already taken advantage of their offer!

The new TJX Reward card with a new bank will offer 10% off my first in-store purchase and $10 in rewards for every $200 I spend at any of their stores!

To quote from the final paragraph of this letter -
"You are a valued customer, and we apologize for any inconvenience during our transition and hope you will enjoy this special discount."
Now that's a good company to do business with! Good bye to Capital One and Hello to TJX!!

Yay! Glad you found a better bank :)
Great to know that you are now a satisfied customer ;)
Am off to London for a few days, hoping for good weather.
Looks like the old adage is true...the sqweaky wheel gets the oil. Congratulations.
Hah - complaining works! Good for you, Millie.
Hurray! Some of the other companies ought to take a lesson!
That's right Millie! Stand up for yourself.
I want to say I work for TJX (TJ Maxx) and they did this with anyone with the capital one TJX card... its a great thing for not only you the consumer, but us as associates with the old card, as we got the capital one discount along with our standard discount. I want to warn you about the new card though. I have a 750 credit rating and was deniedcredut. so have really good credi!
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