Saturday, March 31, 2007
Technology Opens Up a Brave New World for Seniors
Technology Opens Up a Brave New World for Seniors
Technology Opens Up a Brave New World for Seniors
From Blogging to Online Shopping and Email, Elders Embrace a Virtual Reality
Jewish Journal Staff

Millie Garfield of Swampscott began posting a blog more than three years ago, and it has completely changed her life. As a result of her computer-related activities, the 81-year-old now has friends around the world, and was invited to appear on Ellen DeGeneres’s television talk show.

Susan Jacobs
Jewish Journal Staff

Contrary to the popular maxim, one can teach an old dog new tricks. Take Millie Garfield, for example. Four years ago, she knew nothing about computer blogs or bytes. Today, the 81-year-old maintains an Internet site visited by hundreds of faithful fans interested in hearing her humorous musings on life.

Garfield, a widow who spends summers in Swampscott and winters in Delray Beach, Fla., credits her son Steve for igniting her interest in cyberspace. The Jamaica Plain-based video producer helped her launch in October of 2003.

Using a webcam and her Macintosh iBook, Garfield updates her site weekly. Her folksy postings include discussions about what she has in her freezer, her favorite recipes, Yiddish lessons, and a series of video clips entitled “I Can’t Open It” about her struggles to open various containers.

“The computer has changed my world 100 percent. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it would enrich my life the way it has,” Garfield said. “As a child, I was a shy little girl. But look at me now! I’ve been on TV, I’ve been written up in newspapers and I’ve made speeches. This all came about because, at 77 years old, I took the challenge and started a whole new chapter in my life.”

Through her blog, the gregarious Garfield has made friends with people from Maine, Texas, Georgia and Great Britain. Last fall, she got to meet a fellow blogger from Paris whom she had corresponded with for years.

Good for you Millie!!! I will have to take you being on Ellen.
Opps I mean TAPE you being on Ellen.
Way to go! Glad you are enjoying it and keep it up!

Buns and Chou Chou
See my comment to Claude and you'll get the news about Ellen.

Hopefully she will call again. "I'm ready."
Great write-up, Millie! Look forward to sharing this article with others out here in southern Calif. Good picture, too. Sure hope Ellen calls you again, as I'll sure make a point to watch that show -- would be fun, I think. ;-)
Congratulations! I discovered your blog about a year ago, and I just love it. I'm in the process of preparing a talk for my retirement community in the Chicago area about how much computer use can add to the life of a Senior. You're a stellar example; I'll read this write-up verbatim,with your blessing (I hope).
Congratulations Millie. I think this is absolutely wonderful and I am so glad you are blazing the trail for so many of us.
Congratulations Millie! - It is always nice to see your lovely smile getting the coverage it deserves.
Fabulous, Millie!!! Let us know when you're going to be on Ellen!! I think you two will be a delight!!
You certainly have my blessings to go ahead and read the Journal article. I am honored that you want to do it.

I wish I could be a fly on the wall to hear and see the response from the seniors.

Good luck
Thanks for all your kind words about this recent write-up.

As far as Ellen is concerned, if I get a call from her I WILL LET YOU KNOW, PRONTO!!
We love ya, darlin'!

You give me a smile every time I visit... what a gift!

Thank you, Millie.
Millie, I tried to leave a comment here while I was out of town (on my daughter's computer) but it didn't work, apparently.

Congratulations on the nice article!
LOVE your blog, which was featured in our Colorado Springs newspaper today.
Millie - You are a rock start! Even Buns and Chou Chou agree .. very cool.
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