Saturday, April 21, 2007
I have been home almost two weeks now and the sun FINALLY showed up but things still look bleak. Just yesterday I went to the local supermarket. I have gone there a million times before, but when I had to make a right turn that would lead me to the market, I wasn't sure I was on the right street! The tall shrubs were just like tall sticks and the trees were bare, "was I on the right street?" Yes, but it looked so different!!


Last Saturday afternoon I got together with my "girlfriends" and FINALLY got to the movies. There was so much going on while I was in Florida that if I got to the movies four times it was a lot.

A few years ago I read the wonderful novel "The Namesake" by Jhumpa Lahiri and was anxious to see the film adaptation. I enjoyed everything about the movie but I must say, the book told the story in a way that the film could not capture. Because I read the book first, I appreciated and understood what took place on the screen.

While in Florida I developed laryngitis but fortunately it didn't last long. Well, what do you know, one day last week my voice quit on me again. This time it turned out to be a lulu of a cold. A few times when I answered the phone and tried to say hello, the person on the other end said, "sorry I have the wrong number!" FINALLY, my voice is back and I'm much better.

I finally have unpacked the bags, boxes and garment bags, at least I have gotten things off the floor but I must admit I put things in my dresser draws and in the closets just to get them out of the way. At my leisure, I'll put them away where they really belong.

Healthy Chinese Food Exposed on Vimeo

When I first came home Steve picked me up at the airport We went out to eat and then off to the supermarket where I picked up the essentials. Well yesterday I FINALLY went to the market and got more essentials plus some goodies that every household should have, things like cookies, candy and ice cream.

Now if New England gets hit with another Nor'easter, I'm all set.

It is nice to know that you are all settled in now, Milie. I sure hope you don't have another Nor-easter!!
Sounds like you're glad to be back. I bet you enjoy both sides, but maybe not the transition so much? ;)
I haven't read The Namesake, and if they bring the movie to France, which I hope, I'll go see it, before I read the novel ;)
Hope the weather remains nice. Here it's summer before spring is even here! But you never know, it might snow in May!
This warm weather will help you make the transition more easily. I always dislike going from a warm place to a cold place.
Today it was in the high 70's - tomorrow's forecast - in the 80's - after that a cold snap is predicted!!
In New England you have to be prepared for any thing!!

You hit the nail on the head when you said I enjoy both the north and the south but not the transition. It gets harder every year. Lots of people I know have made Florida their home, no more going back and forth.

When I have to make that decision, I'll stay up north.

Sounds like the weather in Paris is like Boston's weather - Summer before spring and maybe a little snow thrown in.

Do you remember when we had spring and we wore "spring coats?" Maybe that was before your time!

I agree with you rhea. --It's hard to go from a warm climate to a cold, damp and rainy area.

The sun was out today, oh, happy day!!
Good Morning..All set with candy, cookies and ice cream...I would say!! Nice reading your blog. Sounds like you are doing great...Sandy
I see you still have your lovely smile even after all that unpacking. I don't know how you do that twice a would drive me bananas.
I really want to see that movie. I adore her writing. Have you read her short story collection, "Interpreter of Maladies"? It's EXCELLENT. She won the Pulitzer for fiction for it.
When I read your lines about having cookies/ice cream on hand, it gave me hope that when I'm your age that I won't have to give up all of my fav snacks! I have this fear that I'll only be eating fiber, bran, produce, and handfuls of nutritious pills when I'm older. :)

I don't know how I do it either, it gets harder every year.
This year I did take less stuff and hopefully, next year I'll take even less. That will help but it's a big job not matter how you slice it!

the beast man
About the cookies, candy and ice cream - I have to have it in the house just in case I have a craving - but I do eat the foods that are good for you too.
Fortunately I LIKE vegies, fish, nuts and bran products and don't overdo the goodies.
I came back to see if anything was new and really enjoyed the videoclip!
It wasn't there at the beginning, was it? I wouldn't have missed it.
That food looked delicious ;)
Thanks for visiting my blog. You're right, my father never went bald and I inherited his hair. My mother's hair was always very thin and she always said how lucky I was to have my Dad's hair and not hers
Sounds like you're settling in well, Millie and I'm sure glad you got to finally see some sunshine again! You've had a miserable spring up there.
Oh, that Chinese food looked so good...and so healthy. I love the shrimp and brocolli.
Keep us posted on all your activities.
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