Tuesday, April 10, 2007
It wasn't to long ago that I was concerned about having too much food in my freezer, after all, I was leaving Florida in a few weeks. Well, I want to report that I did such a great job between my freezer and refrigerator that I was practically running on empty.

I took myself to the supermarket yesterday and bought some essentials like milk, fruit and veggies. It proved to be a very unusual experience, the parking lot was practically empty, the store had very few customers and the check out was fast.

Before I went to the market I made my last visit to the local flea market. The flea markets here carry what is suppose to be at discounted prices, (I don't think so) The attraction is they have many vendors under one roof so that makes shopping easy.
Now they even have a section with gambling machines. You don't win money, you win coupons that you can use at local stores.

That parking lot was loaded, the flea market was very busy. Now that the snowbirds are leaving they don't need much food but they want to pick up last minute gifts. Every year there is a new item that is a big seller. In the past, it has been a particular watch, new style earrings or a new style handbag, not this year.

The new item is a special carrying case for a Mah Jongg set. It is made like a suitcase, has wheels and a handle. My friends and I have noticed that as the years go by the Mah Jongg case has gotten heavier!! It's not that WE find it harder to carry.

No, I did not buy it, I use my shopping cart and that works just fine.

My bags are packed, just a few minor things to take care of and before I know it, I'll be sitting on the plane and heading for home. Steve says, "Ma, you can come home now, it's warm here.""

I like following your travels north and south. But Millie, Steve has told you a lie. It's still cold here. I hope he doesn't get mad at me for exposing him like this.
Travel safely, Millie, and I hope it is warm by the time you get there.
Millie, I have to say I agree with rhea! I'm still in my winter clothes. It is always good to come home though! Have a safe trip home!
We are expecting a snow storm this afternoon. I hope Boston area has something better to offer you when you get off the plane. Be safe Millie
Have a safe, uneventful trip back home.
Hi Millie, just read about you in the Miami Herald this morning.......I think you are going to be busy with lots of comments after all the added exposure!!!!
I am lucky to have my mother's journal entries, (she died at 68 of leukemia, and I'm 42 now), but how lucky your son is to have these writings and video blogs!!! Plus it's just great now for the fun of it!
I agree that Steve is exaggerating about the warmth........we just got back from a trip to Massachusettes and it was COLD and snowing!!!! Enjoy your summer in Mass, I wish I could spend my winters down here in Miami and my summers up north, but it's just not practical now.
Keep on blogging!!!!!
Joan in Miami.......
Hi Millie! I'm from PA and it's still cold here.... brrr!!!! We are heading to Florida in June, when it will be way too hot and I'll be wishing I was back in PA! NOT!

Have a safe trip!

I am probably too late to wish you a safe and pleasant trip home, but better late than never!!!! :)
I got back from England on Sunday and took the train to Normandy yesterday, to join Julie, my daughter and her boyfriend (they had the car). So, I've been pretty busy and haven't caught up with any of my blog reading yet. You're my first visit. On to read your next post ;)
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