Monday, April 16, 2007
Jamaica Pond

In all the years that I have returned home from Florida after spending the winter there, the weather has always felt refreshingly brisk. I can remember stepping out of the airport, seeing the bare branches of the trees, the brown grass, sometimes overcast skies and sometimes sunshine, but it always felt good.

My plane was delayed an hour, the airport was jam-packed with travelers, lots of security people doing their thing. It seemed to me with all the people there it would be difficult to apprehend anyone trying to commit some type of crime. All travelers have to take off their shoes, even little old ladies in wheelchairs!

Finally I got settled in my seat and the usual announcements came over the loudspeaker. This time they were made by a charming steward with a FRENCH accent!! If he said anything important I missed it!!

Surprise, surprise - when I was served a cold beverage I got a whole can. In the past I remember being given a small glass with ice cubes and the stewardess poured the drink from the can, that way you don't get a whole can.

I always enjoy getting settled in my seat on the plane - I know that when I get home there will be lots to do - just finding my way around the house after being away for four months - where are the bowls, knives, light switches and how about the TV channels - the channel numbers and the times of some shows are different.

My car will be delivered in a day or two and when it comes I really get busy putting things away. I had a good laugh with one of my friends recently when we talked about how we pack. I am a very organized person and when I first start packing I put all my shoes in one bag, all my tops in one bag, etc. etc. When it comes down to the wire and I have to find a place for something I just tuck it in here and there, that happens to her too.

Going back and forth to Florida is a minor transition, it's not like losing a loved one, losing a job or some major change in ones life but it still is a change in routine and life-style. It's easier to stay put but in the long run, it's worth the effort.

Hello! I heard about your blog from a friend of mine and have been reading it but have yet to comment. I know I always wish that people would comment so thought, Well why don't I? Hmm!! You are a lot like my mother. She is almost 83 now and taught herself computers at 65. She has always tried to keep up and still tries. She works on a computer volunteering at a museum in her town. I found that keeps your mind going and I plan to do the same. You have a very nice blog. come and visit me sometimes too..Sandy
Glad to see you made it back to Massachusettes just fine! I'm in Miami, and when I commented previously I did so as anonymous just because I didn't have a google account yet.
I have really enjoyed reading your blog!! I'm from Ohio and wish I could go back and forth like you do.
You really have a way with telling stories.....I found myself chuckling when you said you were happy to receive the whole can of "soda" (I still say "pop"!), as that is one thing that makes me happy too!!
I'm so glad I taught my mother how to use the computer......she was in her 60's when she learned, and if I didn't email her everyday I would hear about it!!! If only I could have started a web site for her! You have a great son also.
Anyway, I'll be stopping by from time to time. Really enjoy your updates!!
Weather down here was chilly this morning (you know to us that means 50's) and lots of wind...probably heat heat heat from here till October now.
God bless!
Millie, I'm happy to hear of your safe travels. I think that you are an inspiration. Your independence and strength are amazing. Thanks for sharing your stories!
Millie, I am glad to know that you made it back home safely. I hope that the wind and rain of the last few days didn't delay your arrival.
Oh Millie, I envy you for being organised! I am ever sooooo disorganised. I guess it's never too late to learn new tricks, but I've been messy and disorganised all my life so do I really want to change? I don't know. I'd love to be different, but the change, I think is too much work ;) And I am a lazy girl.
Welcome back home.
Your mom sounds like she is doing great! Maybe she could start her own blog!!

Ever since I've been home it's just cold, windy and rainy. Florida in the 50's sounds good to me!

Thanks for the kind words.

"Why oh why did I ever leave Florida."

You are to hard on yourself! I bet you are very organized when it comes to your photos.
You made home just in time for the "storm of the century"

Glad you made home safe and sound.

I really don't want to be a hearty New Englander, guess I'll stay in Florida longer next winter!!

Maybe if I come home in June it will warm up.
Happy to learn you are back safe and sound.
Mother Nature can't seem to give birth to Spring yet Millie. But we know it is out there some where if we are just a little patient. Good to know you are back safely.
Hello Millie! I've been looking at your blog for sometime, but wanted to comment finally. You're tyuly inspiring. My mom turned 80 this year, and she does have some trouble with a lot of aches and pains, yet she carries on. I love reading you're thoughts on aging, and your many adventures. Keep up the great work. My best to you.
Hi again Millie. I'm sure you've been asked this a million times before, but do you ever worry about security and do you ever feel "vulnerable" exposing your life on the internet for all to see? I started doing a blog, but than I changed my mind and didn't write anything. Although I'm usually a gullable gal, and I DO come from a small town in the midwest, I think about these issues. I'm sure I speak for others that I'm glad you've opened up your life to the "cyberworld", but do you ever worry about privacy and security? We've even seen the inside of your freezer!!!
What do you think?
Take care and I look forward to your next blog.
Joan in Miami
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Oh yeah, that sounds like my kind of packing, too. Also, I'd been wondering what sort of weather you were coming home to from Fla. as I heard the weather reports. Then as I was thinking, "She should stay longer in Fla. each year with all the climate changes we're having." Then, there it was as I scrolled down and came across your comment, "...guess I'll stay in Florida longer next winter!!"
Welcome back to Bean Town, Millie. Hope you're settling back in well. The kind of transition that you do is the fun kind.
Hope the bad weather up there hasn't been a major impact on you. I saw Revere Beach on the National News last week. And I guess NH got hit pretty cousin is flying from there today to stay with me for a week.
Glad for your safe return hom, Miss Millie.
Change, as you have pointed out, is always good. It keeps us on our toes.

Welcome home!
I love your blog! As a Floridian, I cannot imagine why you would go back and forth??? Don't you love the 98 degree temps with humidity?

I also was surprised when I got a can of soda, but then I could not sleep because I drink it fast enough and the tray table was down! But since they cut out the food, it seems they could give us a full can! LOL
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