Sunday, June 10, 2007
For years I have had a date with "the girls" for supper at the local pancake house. It was a five minute ride from where we lived and on a Tuesday nights it was, "buy one, get one free." The food was always good and the waitress knew our preferences. one girl wanted water no ice, one wanted water with ice, one wanted her coffee right away and one girl wanted the coffee with the pancakes.

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Going to the Pancake House was like going to a special event, like going to a wedding or a family reunion. Customers came from the local area so we all knew each other. Tuesday nights drew the biggest crowd because of the two for one special.

I had heard rumors that the restaurant was going to close and sure enough when I got home from Florida the rumor was confirmed. The resturant was closed and a pizza place was going to go up in its place. The building was demolished and the area looks like a bomb hit it!

I don't know who did the market research on opening up a pizza restaurant in that spot but it doesn't make any sense to me because there is an Italian restaurant a stones throw from this location that specializes in pizza!!

We feel like a group of displaced people who are looking for a Tueday night place. The people that we saw every Tuesday night are now scattered - no one seemed to have found "a place." It's like when a neighborhood changes, it's just never the same.


Just heard that a restaurant not to far from where I live has closed its doors and what do you know , The Internation House of Pancakes is going to open in its place!!! I don't know if they will be tearing down the building or adapt the exsisting buillding for their IHOP or how long this will take.

All this doesn't make any sense to me - They tear down one pancake house and then they put up another one a short distance away.

Go Figure!!

Sorry about you gals losing your gathering place! The IHOP will be up & running before you know it -- funny how quickly they throw up buildings these days -- and you'll be back in business for your Tuesday night gabfest!
I am really happy a new place will open up for you to meet up at. Whenever old barrooms or other gathering places like this close, it tears apart communities.
I don't know if IHOP has 2 for 1 sales, but you are sure to like the pancakes there! I hope it won't be too long before you can have your meeting place again.
eeek... a cool pancake place for an IHOP. Seems like a poor tradeoff to me.
I hate it when my favourite places disappear! And most of the time, just like your pancake place, there is no special reason. Hope the new place will be as pleasant as the old one.
A sad fact of life Millie is that we outlast our favorite meeting spots, perfume, and dear friends. I miss the old amusement parks with one wooden coaster ride, a tilt a whirl,and a ferris wheel. The fun easy to take things not the go faster, drop down quicker, turn upside down type of rides.
The drive in movies that are slowly disappearing along with the drive in restaurants. Family and friends at a picnic--I could go on but you know what I mean.
I don't think that IHOP offers the 2 for l special but what I do know is that their potato pancakes are delicious, lacy and crisp.

Yes, I know just what you mean.
In my previous post I wrote about the beach that I went to as a child. Boy, has that changed. All the amusments were torn down and now there are high rise buildings all along the waterfront.

It bothers me every time I ride by and see the changes.
There must be SO much money in selling pancakes that there is profit to be made in knocking down buildings and replacing them in a slightly different location.

Who'd a thought?

I hope the new IHOP construction is done soon!
I too, hate it when they tear down restaurants that I love. Oh well, you know that old saying..."When one door shuts, another one opens." BTW, I love the iHop!
What a shame you lost your little "hangout" but hopefully the new IHOP will prove to gather everyone back together again, pouring syrup and enjoying the company.
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