Sunday, July 22, 2007
It's just about ten years since I moved to this complex. Over time the population has changed, the newer residents are younger and many are moving in with children. With time some residents have died, some have moved to assisted living residences and some have relocated to other states to be near their chilldren. For some reason many of new people don't go to the pool, maybe they prefer the beach.

Years ago when I went down to the pool on a Sunday the place was crowded, you were lucky to find an unoccupied lounge. I went down this afternoon and I could sit wherever I chose. If it weren't for a handful of residents the place would be pretty deserted.


There is sun on one side of the pool and shade on the other side so there is a lot of moving around during the day. If you come out of the pool, you sit on the sunny side, then you get hot so off you go to the cool side. The pool is ours.

Oh and by the way the law in this town requires a life guard. Most residents who go into the pool do not swim, they might walk in the pool, but there is no danger of anyone drowning! The life guard's duties are pretty much limited to keeping the pool clean and helping the residents move the chairs around. On a rare occasion there might be a case where a teenager makes a ruckus, that's about it.

Today the conversation was pleasant, as usual - some talk about what we cooked when we had family at home, pot roast, chicken soup, roast chicken, some talk about how little we knew when we first got married. One "girl" told about the time her husband asked her for some hard boiled eggs, she said she thought they were bought that way!!

One of the "girls" told us this joke:

A man was walking in the park and saw an elderly man sitting on a bench crying his heart out. "Why are you crying?"

The old man answered, " I have a wonderful wife, she loves me dearly, does everything for me, she's young and beautiful."

"So, why are you crying".

"I don't remember where I live."

And that was my day at the pool!!

I had to smile Millie. Hope your pool day was great. But I didn't see any hunky pool guy there to leer at!
We used to belong to a pool complex that was very crowded on weekends, Millie. We had to take our own chairs if we wanted to sit, and we had to place them where we wouldn't get splashed everytime some kid jumped into the pools. I like having my own pool much better, all except for the maintenance. See, I don't have a nice lifeguard here to do that for me.....LOL
I loved that joke!

If a "guy" showed up at the pool we would all faint, let alone a hunky guy.

If a guy does show up he is with his wife. and believe me he is no hunk!! ;-)
Well! Your joke made me laugh, Millie. And the boiled egg anecdote made me think of my mother being unable to cook a steak when she got married to my father. Gives me an idea for my blog ;)
You're lucky to have nice weather. It's been raining all day today. But tomorrow is supposed to be a bit brighter :)
Have a nice week Millie.
Woww... your noncrowded pool is beautiful!!!

I have to confess that is not my uncrowded pool!

My son Steve put this photo up, he took this beautiful photo of the pool at the Westin Hotel in the Bahamas.

The pool at my place looks good but not exactly like the Bahama pool! ;-)
We have a nice pool at our townhouse complex and I am thankful it is nearly always deserted.
My grand children like to come over to swim and it is great for them to have the pool to themselves.
What a nice day you had! A cute, joke, too!

We always belonged to a swim club when the kids were growing up -- this brought back some nice memories. Thanks!
Loved the tale about the hard boiled eggs and loved your joke.
Enjoy the quietness of that pool, Millie. It looks wonderful. We had a pool in New Port Richey, but it got used less each year. So now....just a hot tub to enjoy and less maintenance.
Enjoyed your pool stories. Reminded me of a friend who told a story that as a newlywed she obtained a turkey, but didn't know there was packaging inside to be removed before cooking the unstuffed turkey. She learned that lesson the hard way. I really like these newlywed stories. ;-)

Since you said you like newlywed stories, here's another one.

When my girlfriend first got married she did not know how to cook so one night she opened up a can of salmon and served that for supper. Her husband being a nice guy said, "this is a delicous supper."

When she heard that, she made a salmon supper often. Finally he had to tell her that he really didn't like salmon.

That's called communication! They are still together.
I would welcome a pool, any pool, right now. Our temperature went over the 105 mark by noon and then I stopped looking.

Just keep an eye out, you never know when a hunky pool guy might show up. We are never too old to oggle now are we?
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