Sunday, July 29, 2007
Yes, you read that correctly, there was a time my husband, son and I went camping! This is how it all came about.

When vacation time would approach the men that my husband worked with would talk about their wonderful camping experiences, living the simple life, being in touch with nature and getting down to the basics. They sold him a bill of goods and all he had to do was convince me. Well, I happen to like indoor plumbing and electricity so I was a hard sell.

He talked and talked, I listened and listened. Even though I was not keen on camping he started inquiring about camp sites and what equipment we would need, he was serious, I was not. Nothing about this experience appealed to me but he was gungho.

One area he was looking into happened to be in Jaffrey, N H. The name of the camp grounds in Jaffrey was "Birchtoft." When I was single I went to a lodge by that name. The grounds were beautiful, there was a swimming pool and the meals were great. It turned out that the management closed the resort and changed the grounds into a camp-site!!!

Vacation as a kid

The pool was still there, the lodge served breakfast and there were evening activities in the main house. Once I heard that, it was a go. My husband got busy, bought all the gear we needed for this adventure. Under those conditions it turned out to be a good experience. (you notice I said good, not great)

The following summer the subject came up again, we had all the camping equipment we needed and decided to go camping again. This time we heard about a place on Cape Cod. I love the Cape and was agreeable. This time we were really going to rough it!!

Once we got settled we looked the area over, meet our friendly and experienced neighbors who gave us some helpful camping tips.

We were not to far from Provincetown and decided to explore the area. On our way home the skies opened up, it rained so hard we could not see in front of us and had to pull over and wait it out.

When we got back to the campground the place was FLOODED and so was our tent. Fortunately for us our neighbors where home when the rains came down and saved most of our gear.

We never went camping again! Hallelujah!!

Too funny! Considering my own camping experiences as of late, it truly is an adventure. One I'm glad we have a camper for...I can't imagine what would unfold if it were in a tent (I have five children)!

I've been enjoying your blog and look forward to reading more.
Oh Millie! How I understand you! I hate camping with a passion! I love indoor toilets, you know, like my own personal toilets ;) and I hate sharing showers with other people and listening for the mosquitoes buzzing in the night. Your story made me laugh and remember times when, with my husband, we went camping too.
I gave up camping long ago, Millie! These old bones can't take it.
I have never been camping and never wanted to go. You were a good sport to try it out.
I remember when we camped I had to be within visual distance of the toilets. I have tented and owned a motor home. I prefer the second one better. We finally sold the motor home and settle down to staying home due to health problems. I kinda wish I could travel a little again but it is not in the cards.
I love short camping trips. Just a few days. Just enough to experience the outdoor and not get eaten alive by mosquitoes.
My only experiences with camping were at summer camp, which wasn't very rustic, but we always went on an overnight hike during the 2 weeks I was there. I was miserable! Now, mr. kenju says that my idea of camping is a hotel without room service - and he's right!
Camping might be great for guys, but for us, it's just doing everything we do at home... the hard way! And with kids? Ugh!
There is much to be said for bed and breakfasts and hotel rooms with clean bathrooms. I do love my comforts, but a bungalow tent and a cozy sleeping bag are okay if all the conditions are right. Notice I say "ïf".
I'm with you, Millie - indoor plumbing and electricity preferably in a five-star hotel. Room service for breakfast is one of the great inventions of mankind.

Funny, though, when I was little, little kid - five or six or seven - I loved sleeping out in the woods behind our house. I outgrew that fairly quickly.
I've only been camping a couple of times. Just enough to have the experience and know I'd rather stay in a hotel. (love your blog!)
I'm still chuckling. And Millie, I always said, you're MY kind of woman!
Nothing about camping ever enticed me. But I must give you least you tried.
Love the photo of the three of you. And weren't you just so tres chic in that glamour bathing suit. Steve was too cute!
lol Judy -- my ex said my idea of roughing it was a Holiday Inn with a black & white TV!!! L)
Millie, is your birthday August 18? That's my birthday! I knew I had a connection with you outside of our little blogging world. What are your birthday plans this year? It's creeping up on us!

Not surprising that all the women who left comments on camping would rather not!!
One guy left a comment and he was ok with it - Just like a guy!!
Do any of you out there remember the TV show, L.A. Law - the episode where Stuart Markovitz talks Ann Kelsey into going camping with him. He buys ALL the stuff needed but forgets to buy TOILET PAPER.
She uses one of mother natures products, (poison ivy) and you can imagine the rest!!

So true, when you go camping you have to do whatever needs to be done but you have to do it the hard way!

Yup, our birthday's are the same day. I'll be going out with some friends for lunch and another day my son and daughter- in- law will be taking me out for dinner. I'm going to have lobster!!

Thanks to all who enjoy my blog.
The last camping trip my husband and I did, we were rained out also!

But I do have to admit, anything cooked over a Coleman stove or campfire definitely tastes superior.
When I was about 10 yrs old (1954) I went to Birchtoft resort with my parents . They had horses there in a corral down in the woods where I rode every day. They had hayrides at night, swimming across the street in the lake. Ping pong in the screened in porch in back. Great meals. Dancing . I LOVED it and went back a couple more times. I was so sad when we went to see it a couple of years ago and found that everything was gone. Still have memories and a couple of pix somewhere. Anyone else remember the place?
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