Sunday, July 08, 2007
Yesterday came and went, I had no plans. Saturday is usually "movie day" but there was nothing special I wanted to see.

What to do, I could always go to the supermarket, drug store or make a return that has been sitting waiting patiently in my closet. I didn't feel like doing any of that.

I decided to take advantage of the beautiful sunny day and go down to the pool which is a short walk from my building. Not only would I get off my duff, I could visit with my neighbors, find out what is going on in the community, what's new with them, where the best buys are and tid bits about this and that.

One of the things I heard about was a twin lobster special at a local restaurant - I took immediate action and made a date with one of the girls for one day next week. I am so ready for a lobster dinner!!! When something like this happens I remember one of mothers favorite saying, "if you don't go out, nothing will happen."

Photo by Xosé Castro

The sun was shining, the company was good and the water temperature was perfect. I stayed in so long my fingers got wrinkled. Remember what your mother said," when you get wrinkled, it's time to get out of the water."

I enjoy a day when I have no commitments, I don't have to be some place at a certain time and can come and go as I please. Saturday was that kind of a day!

I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. I'm hungry for lobster even though I'm allergic to shell fish!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this blog.

If you have any advise on raising a teenaged son I'll take it as I value your insights. I'm raising 5 sons and our oldest is 15.

Shelly M.
I haven't had lobster for so long I can't remember it! I haven't been in our pool yet; it isn't warm enough for me (I like it 85*). I also love days like that, where you have NO place you have to be.
I envy you that kind of day, Millie. Seems like ages since I've had that, what with getting the vacation rental up and running. But when I return from Dallas next week....I DO believe I'll take the time to have a day with nothing on my agenda.
I do remember my mom saying that about being in the water too But I always came out looking like a prune anyway.
Too bad we're not closer, Millie --I'm always up for lobster! I like days like that, too. Obligations can be annoying.
With all today's technological improvements and modern marvels, they have STILL not yet found a way to prevent pruny fingers and toes!

I have great hopes for the next generation :)

Lobster does sound good. They featured it last night on Hell's Kitchen (tv show.)
Congratulations on a day well spent. I am not a big lobster fan, but do love prime rib. Great photo of the fingers.
Just wanted to let you know I commented on Room Without Walls and wanted to comment 'icon' is a very flattering angle...and doesn't really look like me. Vane so vane am I.
Whoops...I think I meant vain. Oh well.
the story of us

It is so good to hear that you are enjoying my blog.

As far as giving you advice on raising a teen aged son it all depends on the child - I only have one son and you have 5 - I bet you could tell me a few things about how to bring up a boy.

To make a long story short - two things - present a united front and second - when you say "NO" don't back off, stick to your guns. NO means NO

Good luck!! ;-)
Twin lobsters... I never thought that mummy lobsters would give birth to twins...
Wow.. it's 8:53a.m. I'm here @ work and all I can think of is Mmmm Looobbssterrr! Maybe I'll check the cafeteria upstairs and see if they have some (somehow I'm doubting that)I love love love the off duty days where I can walk around naked if I want, get drunk off my a** on cheap wine if I want, and not a person is around to tell me.. Boy.. you really look fat naked and you really look rediculous slurping out of the wine bottle like that.. Cheers to open option days!
lol Good advice, Millie! I used the same with my son & daughter. I'm sure my son asks his boys the same question I asked him: "What part of the word 'NO' don't you understand?
Hey I have just started a blog an dam happy to find yours also. I am 609 so we have a lot in common and I enjoy reading yours.
so did the lobster dinner turn out?

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

Let me know what your blog address is so I can visit you.

Good luck


July 17th is my good news day! That's when I'm going out for my lobster treat.
I haven't had pruny fingers in so long!! We don't have a pool anymore since we moved from Las Vegas, NV to Salt Lake City, UT. I enjoy reading your blog. I have one, too. It's called wintersong as I consider myself in the winter of my years at age 65. ( you'd like to stop by sometime; love to have you.
I can't eat either lobster or shrimp but boy do I miss a good, old-fashioned lobster roll. Also, an ice crean wouldn't hurt either. Summer favorites are the best.

Shirley L.
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