Friday, August 17, 2007
It's that time of year again, another birthday. [ Saturday ] How could a year fly by so fast? It seems like I just turned 81 and here I am at the ripe age of 82.

You notice I didn't say, "the ripe OLD age of 82." I'm starting to feel it, but I don't think or act that way, which at this time in my life is becoming a challenge.

So far so good.

I could have written a long post about my thoughts at this time in my life, but I decided to write about something that I remember happening shortly after I got married. I've always wanted to write about this, so here goes!

Wedding Toast

My husband and I got married in July, and my birthday was the following month. In honor of that occasion my widowed mother-in-law and single sister-in-law invited us out to celebrate. Aaron always liked to plan "mystery rides" and his family was the same way. I had no clue where we were going.

I remember it was a beautiful summer day, a great day for a drive and dinner out.

Well, they picked us up and it didn't take too long before we arrived at our destination - A BEACH!

My sister-in-law parked the car and opened the trunk. There, lo and behold was a large pot wrapped in newspaper, the pot was blue and white enamel. I remember it like it was yesterday. When the cover was removed there was our dinner, a very hot roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables!

At first I was disappointed that we hadn't gone to some snazzy restaurant, but after having that delicious meal, in the great outdoors, I appreciated the effort and thought they had put into it

It really turned out to be a very special birthday!

Birthday wishes are coming in from around the web. Read the comments...

Claude from Paris sends in this:

Silver Fox Whispers sends this:

Click to Watch at Jib Jab


Happy Birthday Mom!
Happy Birthday, Mille. Keep on keepin' on!

I am sorry I am so late getting here, but I worked 10 hours today and then Claude reminded me, so here I am. I hope your birthday was wonderful!
Happy birthday, Millie! We all love you!
i love leo people. happy birthday!
Happy Birthday and many many more. My neighbor's mother lives with her and she just had her 104th birthday!! An inspiration to us all. The woman is still writing her memoirs and is still a live wire. So, you've got twenty more years of blogging in you!! Looking forward to many more years of reading your journal!
Happy birthday, Mille!!!!!!!!! Stop by

for your surprise!!!!!

Hugssssssssssss Kay
I got referred from Kay's Thinking Cap, so here I am. Claude I LOVED your sweet birthday wish.
Amazing that at 82 you are blogging! My mom is 86 and still pulling hoses around her 5 acre yard. I hope I am just as spunky when I grow up!
Happy Birthday, Millie! Left a little message at my place.
Happy Birthday Millie, I hope that I am still blogging when I am your age. You do a terrific job keeping us up to date. I always like it very much when you have a new post. Hope you enjoy your day.
hi steve's mom! happy happy birthday! i miss my mother so much she died in 2000 so i am lucky to be able to wish you a happy birthday and to see what a wonderful mother you are to steve!
Hello and Happy Birthday!
I'm here via Claude's page.
Congratulations on your super blog. I'll be back to read more.
Happy B-Day Millie. It's been fun hanging around with you the last the couple of years.

Party Hardy and take no prisoners!!
Happy Birthday, Millie. There is a little something at my place to help you celebrate.
Happy Birthday, Millie. Be sure to drop by my blog for some more birthday wishes.
Happy Birthday, Millie.

Come on over to see your official birthday greeting photo, courtesy of FD's Flickr Toys.
Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day! Hurray, hurray! Thunderous applause!
Happy Birthday, Millie. Come over to my site I have a special birthday post for you.
Happy Birthday, Millie!
Wishing you a great day, and many more healthy and happy years!
Happy Birthday, Millie!
Hi Millie, it's not your birthday... again? Well, if anyone deserves a HAPPY one, it's you! Keep those blog posts coming! Here's my best to you, at Lipsticking:
Happy birthday, Millie--you're an inspiration to all of us!

Bonus quote from my husband the other day when I was struggling to open a plastic package: "I think there's somebody famous on the web who has a blog about 'I can't open it.' "

Yes, there is somebody famous--and it's Millie!!!
A gutten gebortstug, Millie! Once again you and your birthday pop up on my blog. Best wishes back to you, another Leo among the Elderbloggers. -naomi
Happiest of birthdays, Millie! Much love, and many more!
Happy Birthday, Millie! I hope its a good one!
Happy birthday and happy blogging, Millie!
Happy Birthday Millie....I hope your day is beautiful. 82 Years Young...that's pretty special.
Happy 82nd Birthday Millie...And may you have many many more....Didn't this year go by very quickly? And it is hard to believe this decade is more than half over....!
I hope you have a WONDERFUL day today, filled with much joy and lot's of celebrating---Maybe a Pot Full of Roasted Chicken, too! (lol)
Happy Birthday, Millie!

Hope your day is as delightful as is your wonderful smile!

You rock!
Happy birthday, Millie!

A little late to the party, but glad to be here.
Happy Birthday Millie! - My favorite Steve Garfield videos at the ones when you are on :)

You're definitely an inspiration.

Here's wishing many more

... Richard
Happy Birthday Steve's Mom! :)
Happy Birthday. YOu sound 82 years young.

I hope to live to that age because now I am Hillbilly Willy and I am living The Rural Life which is a Great Life yes it is a great life Especially in Arkansas
Happy Birthday, Millie!
happy birthday.

very interesting blog.

A happy, happy birthday to you! When I was in my 20's I decided to celebrate birthdays for as many days before and after as I could get away with. Hope you continue to receive birthday messages into 2008!
Happy Birthday, Millie!
Omigawd Millie! You're so young and beautiful. Lucy sends bunches of love and best wishes for another wonderful year. We are indeed as young as we feel. My wish for you is that you feel "25"---though it's apparent you're just getting more interesting and intriguing with every passing year----Women over 80 are drop-dead facsinating!
Sending much love and many thanks,
Happy Birthday to a wonderful gal and blogger friend.
Hi Millie
I am glad that you are making Chili!

All the best
A very happy birthday, Millie, and many happy returns!
I seem to be a day late in getting "Time Goes By" where I discovered that yesterday was your birthday. Happy belated birthday from one Octogenarian to another. I am nearly three months older than you so I feel free to give you some advice. Enjoy!
Sorry I am late in sending you my best birthday excuse was that I was attending the birthday of another special lady the day before your birthday...little Tasha, my second grandchild. Looks like the best people are born that time of the month!
HAPPY, HAPPY, Birthday, Millie!!
(and sorry I'm a day late!)
But when you turn 82, you get to celebrate every SINGLE day of this year!
May it be a year of much love, laughter and good health for you.
Loved the perfect for such a special person!
Wow! Look at all these birthday wishes! Let me add my own wishes for a great year and many, many more! You're an inspiration.
Happy Birthday dear Milly. You inspire us all......thanks for all the smiles.

I am so sad to have missed participating this year, but I'll think of something to compensate!

Hope your had a memorable one.

I never knew you could dance like that *grin*.
Millie - late to the party but warmest wishes for the best year ever!
Happy Birthday, Millie!! Sorry I'm late. I had connection problems this weekend, so I had to miss the party.

Thanks for being there, for blogging, for sharing who you are with the rest of us.
I know it's late - been having trouble with my RSS reader :( but i think it's sorted :)


Hope you had a good one
Big Hugs

I was away for a couple of days and look what you have gone and done. Turned another wonderful year older. As I have said right along a birthday should celebrate not how old you are but the joy that you have lived and loved another year. In your case Millie you have also encouraged others to do the same!
Belated Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Millie! For some reason, Claude's video comment almost made me cry. I hope you're doing wonderful!
Thanks for visiting my blog! And a very happy birthday to you... Mine was the 12th... Leos are the best.

(PS, I was just passing along the doughboy thing - didn't write it)
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