Sunday, September 02, 2007
Over the years I have won a few contests and been the lucky recipient of some prizes. I'm sure that some you have gone to a function where you win things like the center piece at the table, a scratch ticket, a coupon for free groceries at a supermarket, free dry cleaning, a tee shirt or even a free day at a salon. Well, I've won all those things and then some!!

Grand Lake Lodge: Grand Lake

A number of years ago I won a special prize - it was a weekend for two at a summer resort.

This is what happened:

I was chairman of a major fund raiser in my community. In order to entice people to support this event the committee approached local merchants restaurants and even resorts out of state to contribute to this event. That year we had wonderful support from far and wide.

Since I was chairman and wanted this event to be a financial success I worked very hard to obtain as many prizes as I could. Among the many letters I sent out, one was to a resort that my husband and I went to every summer. We were very friendly with the owners of the resort, in fact my son wanted to know if they were relatives of ours! Sure enough they were kind enough to send my organization a complimentary weekend-end for two.

Grand Lake Lodge: At the Big PoolWell the night of the event, the raffle prize was drawn and what do you know, I was the winner of a weekend for two at Grand Lake Lodge.!!! At first I thought, "how could I accept this prize", what should I do - I didn't think about it to long and when the time came we went to Grand Lake Lodge and had a grand time. It did cross my mind that the owners might think I just kept the prize for myself. They knew me well enough to know that I won't do that.

One summer evening at Grand Lake Lodge they were having a dance contest. I'm an ok dancer but not great. For some unknown reason when the MC asked for contestants to come on stage, I WENT. There were about six of use up on stage. He danced the Cha Cha with each of us and then asked the audience to choose a winner.

Grand Lake Lodge: At the Big Pool

I WON - Not because I was the best dancer but because I knew more people in the audience than the other contestants. After all, I had been going to Grand Lake for years and between my friends and their children I was a shoe-in.

It's not what you know, it's who you know!!

ok so it's not related to the post but I just wanted to say you rock!!!! You make me smile everytime I read your posts.
Han x
mark & i were trying to identify the people. he recognized shirley kraterman!!!!!!!!!

shirley l.
I love the photos, Millie. I think you're not just lucky, you're smart!!
My husband always said there seemed to be some people who perpetually won drawings and contests. He often proved to be right. You seem to be one of those people. There must be some invisible force you have that causes that to happen -- supernatural?
You made my heart skip a beat! I have such fond memories of Grand Lake Lodge that my kids are tired of hearing about it. Erica actually had a conversation with Aaron Kischel from Combined Jewish Philathropies who said his wife was a waitress there! He was dating the daughter of the Tannenbaums and she was dating the son when they met. Up til then, Erica thought it was a fictictious place her mother made up. Thanks for the memories! (Any more pictures from the GLL days you can post? I'd love to see them.
Wow! I am impressed! I don't think I have ever won any contest or prizes. But I really enjoyed reading about your contests and prizes, and also enjoyed the great photos you have posted. Thank you!
Hi Shirley and Meryl,

If you click on the photos, you can see them on flickr where I added notes with names.

Grand Lake Lodge was a lot of fun.
Awwwwwww Millie, me thinks you're too modest! I'll bet you're world class at the cha cha!
I'm the total opposite of No luck whatsoever in winning anything. Now my mother, she was always winning something, but guess that "lucky" gene didn't get passed on to me.
OK Millie Now it is time for your luck to work on the lottery...:)
You mean Grand Lake Lodge was real? Not just some made up place my mom talks about all the time? Thanks for the pictures of Grandma and Grandpa, Millie! They're great! P.S. Aaron's wife was a camp counselor, not a waitress. Guess mom's just having a senior moment! =)

Stephen, thanks for helping all of us relive the GLL memories!
Millie, I tried to comment at I can't open it, but it only allows blogger commenters! :(
Anyway, as I was saying there, you should now open a new section, called I can't see it! ;)
As for the spices, this has happened to me several times and I too use the spoon, which sort of defeats the idea of the fancy cover.
What can you think of products that demand you have a man in the house to be able to use them!
Hi Claude,

I fixed the comments on my mom's new I Can't Open It Video blog.

Now you can comment over there.
I won an 8-day trip to Mexico a few years back. It's always nice when you earn that prize.
Before that, the only thing i had every won was door prizes at Tupperware parties.
What a wonderful warm laugh this blog gave me. I think your popularity in the blog world mirrors your younger self! By the way, I cannot remember ever winning anything...
I would pay hard cash to see you do the cha cha. Any chance of a video?

I would be very happy to make a video of me doing the cha cha if I had a partner to dance with.

I would do it for free just to have the fun of dancing. The only dancing I do these days is when I watch the Ellen Degenerous show when I dance with her!
Hey Millie!
Since you've been talking about winning contests I thought i'd let you and everyone else know about a new one. White cloud toilet paper is running two contests on their brand new website right now.

One is for america's worst bathroom and the other is for cutest mom and baby moment.

They have cash and product prize packs.

Keep it up Millie!!
Boy, What memories these pictures bring. I wish I was there again, don't you? We were so young and innocent then. Did we know than that Thoroughly Modern Millie would appear in the 21st Century. It's so great to be able to say I knew Millie when!

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