Saturday, August 11, 2007
Dinner Doctor: Single Millie, Quick and Easy

My mom is featured over on Nina Simonds' Spices of Life videoblog this week. Nina says:
Thoroughly Modern Millie, one of the oldest online bloggers (and Steve's Mom!), has dinner issues, but they are similar to SO many other people... She wants EASY, DELICIOUS, CONVENIENT and HEALTHY food. Millie admitted that she would love to walk into her house at night and have a magical chef appear and prepare the meal. Dinner Doctor to the rescue!!! ..
Drop by and tell Nina what you think.

Something worth trying Millie and the ingredients are in our home. Thanks for the meal info!
This looks like a good idea as I enjoy "Quick and Easy," too! Sounds like a good name for a cooking blog.
Looks delicious! Quick and easy is good when one lives alone!

And aren't you the star these days?
I watched the video and loved it. I am a lazy cook. I like quinoa but thought it was harder to make. Now I know it's no big deal.
Hey, Martha Stewart.....move aside! Mille's here!
This was great. Really enjoyed it and all of it looked yummy.
Set another place setting, Millie...I'm on my way!
Everything looks so delicious. Wish I were there to sit down and dine with you.

I am going back and review the video and write down the ingredients.

Thanks Millie. Thanks Steve and Thank you Dinner Doctor.
Quinoa! I had to Google it, but I've learned my "something new" for today.

That was a very informative and entertaining video. I think I'll make that chicken tonight.

Thanks, Millie. :-)
You look wonderful, Millie! If you could put your "youth" secrets into bottles for sale, you could make a mint!

I have three "youth secrets."

One - I never use soap on my face.
Two - For years I have used two AVON products,
Rich moisture cream and Vita Moist cream.
Three - The most important one - I inherited my
mother's genes! ;-)
je comprend rien de se qui est ecris mais j'aime bien se blog
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