Thursday, August 23, 2007
First of all I want to thank all my blogging friends for making my birthday so special.

The morning of the 18th the wishes started coming in every few minutes and you know what, they are still coming in!! Thank you for your thoughtful, sincere, clever and funny greetings. I've been rereading them and I must say, you bloggers really know how to throw a party and the great thing about it is "there is no cleaning up afterwards."

Between your participation and my going out with friends and family over the weekend, "it's been like a Polish wedding!! It was a great way to start another year and as a few of you have said, "celebrate every day." We should all do that! ;-)

A week before my birthday my friend Nanci and I took a day trip to Portland, Maine with an AARP group. The bus trip was scheduled for August 10. I called Ronni to see if we could meet sometime during the day and what do you know, she was leaving for vacation on the 9th. I was coming into town and she was going to be out of town. Shucks!

One of the first stops we made was at a restaurant in Scarborough (Dunstan School Restaurant) where we had a wonderful buffet lunch. You name it, they had it but I must say my very favorite item was the fried clams!! Dessert wasn't bad either, lemon meringue pie must be a specialty of theirs, it was a mile high!!

08/22/2007The main event of the day was a Duck Tour of Portland and Casco Bay. The tour took us through the main street where the city hall and library are located. What surprised me was how narrow the street is. As we continued on the tour I saw that many of the streets are hilly, I saw some ladies walking in their high heels, the hills didn't faze them one bit. I would find it difficult walking on those streets even with flats!!

We rode by Monument Square which has a weekly farmers market which Ronni visits. She has written about the market and has some great photos of the fresh produce and flowers that are available.

As we got closer to the waterfront I saw some beautiful old mansions and a few high-rise condos.

Then into the water we went, it was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a ride on the bay. The tour guide told us many facts, some fiction, some non-fiction but entertaining all the same.

All in all it was a great way to spend a summer day!

You were about 2 miles from where I work. Wish I had known because I would have snuck out for a few min. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to Maine.

Dunstan School Restaurant is one of my faves too.
I'm so sorry I wasn't here to meet you for a quick visit. During the tour along the Bay with the Victorian mansions was, at one point, just two blocks my home.

Regarding high heels on hills, when I was a young woman working in San Francisco, we all ran up and down much bigger hills in our three-inch heels and didn't think anything of it.

These days, I can't walk across a room in even low heels. I love high-heeled shoes and miss them a lot.
Glad you had a happy birthday! :)
Sounds like a perfect day trip.
This looked like a delightful trip and lots of fun. Such a shame Ronni wasn't there though. Which'll just have to get to Portland again.
Glad you had a grand birthday and the trip with your fird sounds great.

I find myself looking at young women and their high heels with envy. I have thrown out all of mine except those that are an inch high.
Oh! Too bad you couldn't see Ronni on that trip! But it looks like you had a good time, doesn't it!
I was in Portland last October, just before I got to meet you in Boston and when I was there, it was sort of misty. But Ronni did take me to her vegetables market, where of course, I took loads of photos.
Have a nice weekend
You certainly know how to enjoy a good day out. Hope the next year is full of wonderful trips - with weather to match.
What a wonderful time you had! I love doing things like that!!!
Very interesting that no matter what the age people are busy and it is hard to coordinate schedules!!
Sounds like a great trip. I forget how close together the states are along the eastern seaboard that you could go to Maine from Boston on just a day trip.
I live in Potland, Maine and I agree. Maine is awesome! I love it!
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