Sunday, October 28, 2007
In order to prepare for Podcamp Boston I planned to take along my business cards. I've had a bunch of cards for a year now and haven't used too many but this was the time I really wanted to be prepared. Well, I looked high and low and couldn't find them. The ironic part of that is I recently made a post about how organized I am and now I just couldn't put my hands on them! (so, I'm not perfect, just normal) As it turned out I really didn't need them because many of the people I spoke to, read my blog and watch the videos.

I also reread the e-mail I received about the event. I spent some time reading the names of more than the 1,000 registered attendees. There were a handful of people that I had met at Blogher a few years ago. Some were people that I have seen photo's of and gotten to know by reading Steve's blog.

The day finally came, I was going into Boston for Podcamp! It was the first time I attended an event at the Convention Center, what a huge building. Steve was there to meet me. The first thing we did was go to the food court for lunch and the fun started! Immediately people started introducing themselves to me, they knew me from the "I Can't Open It videoblogs," and I was worried about not having any business cards, not to worry, I didn't need them.

I attended two afternoon sessions, some terms were familiar to me and some weren't. I know what's going to happen when I ask Steve to explain them in detail to me. He's going to say, "Ma, why don't you do it?"

One term that I have never heard is," Evangelist." I looked up the word evangelism in the dictionary and the definition is, " the zealous preaching or spreading the gospel." Looks like we active bloggers are evangelists!!

Millie and CC

I meet many new people and meet people in-person that I have know through blogging and videoblogging. I won't even attempt to name names because I could leave some people out, but I can tell you, you are great bunch of people.

Chris and Millie

Just as an aside, there were many more men there then women - what a great way for a single lady to met a guy.

Millie and Jonny

The sessions were good but the best part of the whole experience was meeting and talking to people who know me through my blog and videoblog!! And now I know them!!

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Millie, I think you lead an exciting life! How nice for you to attend that camp and meet those people!
It was so great to finally meet you after watching your videos and knowing Steve for so long. Seeing that signature smile in person was a highlight of the weekend for me.
Sounded like a blast! I wish I could have been there. I did go to the new Boston Convention Center once. What a great place!
what a total and wonderful pleasure to meet you in person milly!!!!!!! You are a total inspiration and meeting youwas one of the highlights of the weekend.... can't wait to repeat it!!!!

much love!
Sounds like you had a blast!!
This sounded like a lot of fun and it was easy to see that you enjoyed it. Not only informative, but a great social get-together of bloggers. Good for you!
Wow! Looks like you had a great time, Millie. I followed the photos on Steve's flickr, so I had seen some of those photos.
Wish I had been there with you!
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