Sunday, November 25, 2007
I've had a story that I've been wanting to post about and now seems like the perfect time to tell it. It happened years ago.

First, I'll give you some background:

Before I got married I did not know how to drive. I lived in a small town where driving was not necessary, everything was around the corner or I could take a bus that got me into "the big city."

Life changed after I got married, my husband and I bought a house in the suburbs and if I wanted to get anywhere the options were limited. There was a bus stop nearby but it ran infrequently and had a local route.

When my husbnd was single he lived at home with his widowed mother and single sister. Brother and sister worked for the same company so having one car was no problem, they went to work together.

Red Motorcar Steering Wheel and Dashboard

As newlyweds, buying a car of our own was out of the question - solution - my husband had the car during the week to get him to his job and his sister was able to take the bus. When the week-ends came, the four of us had lots of togetherness!

It didn't take to long before I realized I NEEDED to get my license! Once I got my license the need for our own car became imperative. HALLELUJAH - we bought our first car which was a pink and white Chevy. No way would I ever chose that color combo but it was an end of year special, in our price range, and we would have our own set of wheels!

Ok, we now had a car and my husband had to get to work and I wanted to have the car too! The solution was for me to GET UP EARLY, drive him to work , then I could have the car for the day and pick him up at the end of the day. His hours were
from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. I was never an early riser so needless to say I was not a happy camper.

Time passed and I was still driving my husband to and from work, I was getting tired of this arrangement and was getting pretty vocal about it.

Well, one day my son who had to be about 10 years old at the time surprised me with the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. He knew how much I wanted my own car so his gift to me was a plastic purple and yellow car. I have that car to this day!

My Mother and her Car

I don't have to feed it gas, no car insurance, no excise tax, don't have to take it in for a car wash, no oil change and I don't even need AAA. It doesn't cost me anything to maintain and when I think of the thoughtful gift my son gave me, it's worth a million.

Sons can be wonderful, can't they? That was a very nice gift, Millie.
How thoughtful -- he was truly listening to you and did the best he could.

I think it must be the young 'uns that truly listen to us.

Reminded me, that my husband often teased and joked with my daughter whenever she asked him what he wanted for his birthday and would always name some exotic car brand. You guessed it, when my granddaughter was little, guess she figured it was way past time to grant his wish, so she gave him a minature one.

BTW read your comment at Chancy's about pantihose -- a view I share completely. But, the bad news is that I just read today that pantihose may be having a comeback. Not with me they will!

Keep packin' 'cause Dec.'s almost here.
Love the looks of your car -- both of 'em!
A great story, Millie. What a thoughtful son you have. Even as a kid. I think it was a wonderful idea.
I must say that I admit that driving is indispensable, but it's n'ver been my cup of tea. ;)
Ha! Ha! What a neat story!
What a sweet, sweet, story! Aren't sons the best? I love their sense of humor.
And wow, you brought back memories for a young mom, I also had no car and walked everywhere in Salem. The baby stroller was my "wheels." And to think now, some families have 3 and 4 cars. How the times have changed!
PS....saw on your other comment you don't leave for Florida till Dec. Bon Voyage, Millie! Have a safe trip.
Purple and yellow certainly beats pink and white for color. I do remember those salmon pink and white chevies. LOL

You are blessed with a very loving son.
Hi Millie, Thank you for telling such a sweet,interesting story. Steven has those special, sensitive ingredients today. He is very caring to his Mom today and you're very Blessed! Have a Safe and Enjoyable trip to Florida! Hope to see you there! Lucky me. Nanci
Hi I love that story. What a lovely gift. Sending big hugs from the uk xx
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