Sunday, December 09, 2007
Hello From Florida
This is Steve here making a guest post on My Mom's Blog!

It's really, really warm here. 80 degrees! Before I head back to the snow and Boston, I'd like to tell you about my trip down to Florida with my mom to get her settled this year.

We met at Logan Airport in Boston at the jetBlue gate. I love jetBlue and my mom won't take any other airline down to Florida anymore. It's great! I got an exit row and had even more legroom than usual. jetBlue has more legroom than the back seat of a Buick!

What a dog was doing, sitting under a seat on the plane, I don't know!

Why is this dog under seat 9C?

My mom's car was delivered the next morning in a race car carrier!

We did some shopping and when we went to the local deli I came across this mountain of cream cheese.

They sure do love cream cheese down here. They also love sardines. They have a WHOLE AISLE full of sardines!

The shopping carts are really small too.

We also went to Nordstrom's and saw these guys singing Hanukkah songs... You do not see this up North...

We took a break from shopping and my mom took a seat. Looked like Whistler's Mother to me...

We also went to the beach in Fort Lauderdale. It was pretty cloudy, but it was warm and Carol waded into the ocean.

We just had a great breakfast at 3G's Deli. You get two eggs, homefries, toast or a bagel and coffee.

The toast is huge.

This Rye toast is bigger than a Buick!

Have a great winter in Florida mom!

Thanks, Steve, for letting us know that Millie is in Florida, and for the great photos. You didn't mention her internet connection but I assume that it is something you thought of.
Millie, it's good to know that you are settled where the winter is not so harsh. Here in Paris, we are going through a storm.
Don't eat too much cream cheese! ;)

Claude from Blogging in Paris
Hi Claude.
You just gave me a great big laugh!! It's to late, I already had too much cream cheese!!

Great post, Steve! Really love the photos to go with the commentary.
And WHAT was that dog doing under the seat? Hmmm. I see his little carrier there, but thought they had to be contained. Shhh! Don't tell my Duncan or Brie....they'll be wanting to fly with me to Paris in May!
Millie....Welcome back to the Sunshine State! Isn't the weather super! You can't beat this. My daughter in Billerica informed me it was 14 (ouch)) there the other morning and she's coming down here in Feb.
Enjoy, Millie and I look forward to hearing about your adventures this year.
Happy Holidays to you, Steve and Carol.
I am glad to know that Millie and you got there safely and that her car was delivered too. enjoy that warm weather!
You're such a good son to take your mom down there and help her get ready for the season there. And not a moment too soon. Icy sidewalks here today.
What a delightful post! I got a good chuckle at the way Millie's car was delivered. Maybe somebody is a secret NASCAR driver in the winter!
Glad you're in Florida, Millie. Enjoyed the pictures, tell Steve. I keep trying to get a chance to fly Jet Blue as I hear they're the only way to fly, but they don't go where I need to go. Let me know if it snows down there.
Glad you've arrived safely Millie and it sounds like an interesting journey.
It's a very long time since I visited Florida - about 30 years ago - when the children wanted to see Disneyworld.
I can remember my son (aged 6 at the time) seeing the F word written on a T shirt in a shop. He said "Oooh look mummy! But don't worry, I haven't read it."
Enjoy that Florida sunshine. Thanks Steve, for posting the photos? Did you ever find out what the dog was doing under the seat on Jet Blue.

I am guessing he is a dog for the hearing impaired or something like that.
What was that dog doing under the seat?! It definitely looks like you are settling in to Florida--we'll miss you up north, but have a great time.
I sure hope I end up in Florida when I retire. Great place for your mom! I normally write about babies, but this was fun to read!!

That dog was illegally sitting under the owner's seat, and boy way the person sitting behind that dog mad! You are not supposed to put things UNDER your own seat, you put things under the seat IN FRONT of you!

After the person behind the dog owner complained the dog was moved back into the pet carrier like it should be. It was a very nice quiet dog though.
Strange to see that the "doggie under the seat" and the "cream cheese in Florida" resemble each other.

Coincidence ???? I think not!
Happy you made the trip to Florida safe. That is so nice your son Steve and his wife went with you. I met Steve at Vloggercon '06. I think all son's should be like him.

Have an enjoyable season in Florida (my old stomping grounds).
Thanks to one and all for your "welcome to Florida greetings."

Boy, did I get out of the Northeast just in time to miss all that snow and ice!

It's been in the low 80's since I got here. Couldn't ask for anything better.

The first thing we did when we arrived in Delray was go to Comcast and rent a modem. Even Steve had to make a few calls in order to get the modem to work properly, I couldn't have done it without him.

With the help of Steve and Carol, I'm settled in now and can start "having fun."
Millie, 80 degrees?...even better than here in L.A...Enjoy your time in Florida eating lot's of bagels and doing lot's of blogging.

I'm sure I'll be eating lots of bagel - but I'll be so busy eating them and all the other good Florida dishes I just might not have time to blog a lot.

What I'll try to do is, "twitter." On the right hand side bar I'll drop a line now and then and if I'm not to busy eating, I'll blog! ;=)
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