Thursday, January 17, 2008
The BOYS and The GIRLS
Once upon a time, in the town of Delray Beach, there was a family that was made up of a father, mother, five sons and two daughters. The father had a small fruit and vegetable business.

When the boys grow old enough to have their own business they set up a tent and followed in their father's footsteps but on a larger scale. The tent was very large and the containers that housed the fruit and veggies were also very large.

Photo: Justin Knol CC BY-NC

When you approached the tent you saw huge displays of tomatoes. Once you got into the tent there were workers who were cutting up fruit and handing out samples. The fruit was delicious and the price was right.

"The Boys" were very likable and very good business men. The story goes that there was a lady who showed up on a regular basis, not buy anything but eat a lot of samples. One of the help reported her to "The Boy." His reaction was, "if she needs to do that, don't bother her."

A few years ago they did away with the tent and now run their business in a very large store in which they sell everything from soup to nuts. They still give out samples! At this point in time the store and the parking lot are not big enough!

When I came down this season, I discovered that the mother and sister of the boys opened up a market called "The Girls Strawberry U-Pick Farm."

When you walk out of the market's back door you're in the midst pf hydroponic heaven. Before you, growing in vertically stacked containers, are strawberries, tomatoes and other fruits and veggies.

Years ago when I had out of town guests I would take them to see the tent, and in later years I would take them to the store.

Now if you come visit me I will take you to visit "The Girls."

"The Boys" and "The Girls" will live happily ever after with fruit and veggies for everyone.

The End

More info:
Hydroponic U-pick farm opens in Delray Beach

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Great post Millie. If I ever got down that way I would love to visit both businesses.
Hi Millie... haven't checked in here for awhile...glad you are back and things are working.
This is a great's nice to hear about business that grows and thrives.
Millie, I've never been to Florida, too hot in summer when I had my holidays, for me. Just for the boys and the girls, it looks worth a visit ;)
You are lucky to live near such good and fresh produce, Millie!
At first, I thought this was going to be a fable...but the fact that it is a real story makes it all the better!
Wonderful story, Millie - well told. I wish I could visit the boys and girls with you...
His reaction was, "if she needs to do that, don't bother her."

The statement above can only be made in America I guess..Imagine doing that in a third world country?but I still think it was the right thing for him to do that
Oh, this was too cute,
It looks great and I'd love to pop over there and visit you from the west coast.
We have something similar on 19 in Chiefland....the tent, the wonderful fruits and veggies, but hey, they don't pass out free samples!
And a PS for Claude.....if you get over there to "Millie's place" you'd better come on over here to the west coast and visit with me!
Hi to all:

An open invitation to come visit me in Florida!

I'll hire a bus and take you all over to the "Boys" and the "Girls."

I won't even have to cook - we can have a free wine sample, soup, whitefish salad on a cracker, cut up fresh fruit and maybe even a little pastry for dessert.
we will take you up on this offer when we are in florida! have not been by for a while and when i did come by you were out with computer problems. glad to see it is all fixed. i hate it when mine gets off track. happy to see you here and doing well. it is always a joy to see you!
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