Saturday, January 05, 2008

Boy was I surprised when I sat down at the computer and it was working!! I don't know how long this is going to last but, here goes.

I had a computer expert come over to my condo to check out my laptop and see what the trouble was. He found that my interface got damaged. Florida is notorious for brown- outs and might have caused the problem.

He suggested I go to Comcast and try a different modem. Another suggestion was to "go wireless." Since my computer is four years old it could be difficult to get the necessary parts. He's going to try and see if eBay has what I need.

As far as what's doing in Florida:

More people
More traffic
New restaurants
Some old favorites gone
My very favorite clothing store - gone
Weather - beautiful
At a meeting last night - I won $10.00!!

Now, I'm holding my breath, let's see if this gets posted.

I hope I get pleasantly surprised!!! ;-)

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It got posted! I always hate to see favorite restaurants close. If it's because the owners retired, that's OK. But I hate when they don't have enough business.
Yay Millie!

Your posts always bring a smile.
yea!!!! always happy when Millie's posts hit the blogosphere (and jealous of your florida jaunt- this is one of the few times in my life I haven't been down over the xmas season).... good luck with the computer and keep your posts coming!!!
You got posted, Millie and that's great.
Sure hope you clear up these computer problems soon. We're missing you in the blog world.
Sounds like you're enjoying Florida once again. So good for you!
What a pleasant surprise to see you enjoying a beach day ;-)

Computers and internet and interfaces are all greek to me. I just want to point and click and have things happen. Why can't it always work like that?
Hi Millie, I took a peek in your blog and I was SURPRISED!!! Yea!! Congratulations you made a post. I look forward to seeing you in Florida. Love Nanci
Hi again, I love your sexy beach photo. It looks like a pin up to send the guys at war. Enjoy the warm weather! Love, Nanci
This is a P.S
Aniother surprise, my computer is working tonight.

Thanks for all all your comments.

Boo - i must tell you that picture of me on the beach was taken when I was in my twenties. The only time I go to the beach now is when I have company. It's much easier to go to the pool, you can always go in the water.

At the beach there are either rip tides or man'o wars.

It's never to late to wish all my blogging buddies a very happy and healthy New Year. We had a bottle of champagne at the ready New Years Eve but guess what, none of us could OPEN the bottle!
are you breathing now?

I love that photo, too. Hope all is well on the geeky front.
Good to see you up on line again. Computer problems can be very frustrating and overwhelming at times. Hope things get straighten out.
Hey, it did get posted. Oh Millie, I have missed you. Good to have you back. It looks like you've been pretty busy.
If your computer is four years old, it might be time to get thoroughly modern ;) and get a new one, with wi-fi!
Keep them coming, Millie.
By the way, blogger comments are now fixed. And I like this too.
WELCOME BACK, MILLIE. And sorry about all the computer problems. Amazing what a lifeline our blogs have become.

So glad you're back.
We mised you.
Hallelujah, Millie!!! Good to have you up and running!!!!!
Yep It got posted. And you looked mighty cute in your swim suit on the beach.


aka Chancy
Hey 10 bucks beats a sharp stick in the eye anytime. Glad to see you back with us!
Millie, that's a wonderful pic of you in the sand! I know you will miss your favorite store, but maybe you'll find another one you like even better.
Woo Hoo! It posted!

I love the glamor shot of you too. Was that taken in Florida?
Kenju and Peggy

That photo of me was taken about 50 years ago at a beach on Cape Cod.

If I laid on the sand like that today, I'd never be able to get up!!

Those days are gone forever. Now I need a chair with arms to help me get up out of them. ;-).
Hey Millie glad you are back and posting. I hate when things go wrong with my computer.

So Florida is changing? Nothing stays the same, but I always hate losing favorite stores and restaurants.
Congratulations on having your computer up and running again. I love seeing your black and white photos! They remind me of pictures I have of my Mom and her family. Thanks for sharing.

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