Saturday, February 09, 2008
The longer I'm here in Florida, the faster the time goes.


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Before I turn around I have to fill those pill boxes again.

Years ago when I first started taking medication I took one pill that I could take out of the container and I was done. As time went on I needed to take more med's and finally realized it would be easier if I got myself a pill box, and fill it once a week so I wouldn't have to bother opening several containers every day. ( and you know the trouble I have openning things. )

In recent times I've been taking a number of vitamins, some of which are pretty large, For example I'm taking two fish oil capsules every day and they are LARGE. Well, I outgrew my pill box and now I have an additional pill box to accommadate the vitamins.


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Instead of going up to the second floor of the condo, where I live, the newspaper delivery person throws the paper up from the ground floor. Most mornings I find the paper right at my door, some mornings the paper is far flung. All this time I did not question where I found my paper so long as it was delivered.

One morning I discovered why the position of the paper varied. Before I check the computer, have coffee or straighten out my hair I open the door to pick up the paper Well, this particular morning low and behold my next door neighbor was placing my paper at my door. She explained that when she goes by and my paper is far afield SHE places it at my door.

I don't know who was more shocked and surprised at that moment. First thing in the morning I don't expect anyone at my door and I certainly don't look like the neighbor that she knows!!


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One day last week at about 5:00 o''clock I had completed some errands at a local mall. There are some small shops and a restaurant that is very popular with seniors.

This is what I saw: three men using walkers, walking to thier cars accompanied by three ladies carrying doggie bags. I've been telling my friends about what I saw and everyone I tell it to - their first reaction is to laugh. It does strike you funny when you first hear about it but deep down it's sad.

The good thing about what I saw is that these people who eat out so early and use walkers are still out there doing whatever, whenever they can.

If the people who produced Boynton Beach Bereavement Club make a sequel I can supply them with lots of material!

Where I live it is women driving cars and husbands as passengers. I guess It is just a fact we face when old age catches up with us.
I can relate: Now that mr. kenju can't drive due to his stroke, I drive everywhere. He got used to eating early in the hospital, so now he wants dinner at 5pm (which is a little early for me). I can relate to the pills, too. I have to keep his in 2 separate containers; one for morning and one for evening. I recognize the fish oil pills in that photo!
Millie, the first time I visited the USA, I was gobsmacked when I saw a newspaper delivery kid throwing the papers onto the lawns of the houses (as I swept past in my stretch limo). I only thought they did that in the Superman comics of my childhood. The only difference was the papers were wrapped in polythene. Here, the kid comes up the garden path and puts the paper throught he damned letterbox !
My newspaper delivery guy drives up in his car and throws throws the newspaper at my stairs. Usually it lands on the sidewalk. This winter there was black ice on the stairs one morning, I didn't see it, and my feet came out from under me, and fell flat on my bum. Hyper extended my knee and that hurt for a long time. The newspaper guys leaves an envelope at times, looking for a tip. So I put a note in the envelope and asked if he could throw the paper up near my front door, at least. The paper still lands o the sidewalk the majority of the time and he never gets any tips in the envelops. TIPS are used To Insure Proper Service. I'm not getting that.
I can relate to your pill photo. I take 5 prescription meds and to "keep us healthy" my husband doles out vitamins every morning.

16 vitamins each day. I still have 8 left to take today.

He thinks it works so I just go along.

I have more vitamins than anything else but yeah my scrips are growing. I was just told thatif the treatment I'm to have in the Spring works, I may get to stop taking my thyroid stuff. I hate pills!!!!
I'm green with envy that you get to be in Florida during these dreary winter months. How I miss the sun! Colorado is beautiful but it doesn't compare with West Palm Beach. I'm especially melancholy as I've given up driving---My hands and shoulder just aren't up to it. In any case, I enjoy Florida vicariously through you.

I've given up reading the newspaper and get all my news online...But I loved the creative photo!
All the best to you and yours.
I certainly identify with pill-taking, but I have a set-up with 31 containers each with four compartments. There is also an alarm clock with a voice that says the time and a reminder to take the pills. It is called the MedCenter System and you can find it on Amazon. I spent about fifty dollars for it, but the money was well-worth it. I seldom miss taking my pills now and the peace of mind is great. Besides I have grown fond of the voice that nags me four times a day. I call her Melba ! I once had an "in charge" friend with that name. LOL
Oh Millie, I so hate taking pills! But I know it's silly! I thought your last story was wonderful, not funny but wonderful. Getting out and about as long as one can, whatever way one can is just the right thing to do!
I love to read your posts ;)
Ah, so THAT is the secret as to why MY time just passes so quickly I can barely keep up. It has to do with living in Florida!
AND I SO agree.....they might have walkers, but at least they're getting out and about. And that's what's important.
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You are so right. Those people just advantage of the blog readers and don't even read the blog.

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