Sunday, March 23, 2008
How many of you need that 3 o'clock coffee break?

Where ever I am, whatever I have been doing I just need that caffeine lift. Up north there are a number of places that are open all day long where I can stop in, get off my feet, have a beverage and something sweet.

It's another story here in Florida. Most bagel shops are open for breakfast and lunch then hang up the "Closed" sign. Some shops are opened for breakfast and lunch, close and then reopen for dinner. Restaurants open for lunch, close and then reopen for dinner.

Fortunately for me and many other people in the area we now have two choices.

Dunkin' Donuts

A Dunkin Donuts shop opened in the area and boy are they busy!

My second choice is at the Carnival Flea Market . Not only do they carry a variety of NEW merchandise, but they also have a food concession where you can purchase sandwichs, salads, knishes, ice cream, my beloved coffee and much more.

Now I want to tell you what prompted this post.

The other day I was at the flea market and it was time for a pick-me-up, got my coffee and a delicious piece of pastry, took a seat at a table that you share with other customers.

I noticed a young man who looked to be in his 50's with a well dressed elderly gentleman, probably in his 80's. They were sitting so close to me, I could not help but over hear their conversation

From what I overheard I surmised they were father and son. My impression was that the son was visiting from out of state. He was so pleased that his father was enjoying the pastry he had purchase for him and said, "before we leave I will pick up some for Ma, I'm sure she'll like it too." That lead me to believe that the man's wife was in a nursing home.

Then I heard the son say, "before we go see Ma, how would you like to get a breath of fresh air by the ocean." The father said, "I'd like that."

If I had been with a friend I would not have been aware and would have missed a very meaningful coffee break.

That was a sweet story. I also love that the guy in his 50s was 'young'. That makes me feel good, as I am 49.
Yeah, Millie, I also noticed that you called him young. I would have too, actually.

You witnessed a sweet moment between father and son. I hope they get to do that often, together.

I drink decaf coffee, and I drink it all day long - so that afternoon coffee break is not necessary for me. Now the donut is another story! LOL
I cannot abide the odor of coffee, so drinking it is entirely out of the question. However, my Hunky Husband tells me the Mickey D's has good coffee. Who would think?
Cop Car
Nice story, Millie. I know that "MA" raised a fine son.
Lovely story you caught! Thanks for sharing it and doing it so well. I too like listening to people's conversations, it's like you are in a slice of their life...
Well, either coffee or tea, a mid-afternoon break is always great!
Yeah, anyone younger than me is "young" and there seem to be more and more of them. Nice story with the father and son.

I was a heavy drinker for many years -- black coffee -- with a pot on at home all the time. I switched to green tea a few years ago, but have sort of drifted away from that. Am focusing on plain ole tap water though I splurge on a nonfat Hazelnut latte whenever I hang out in the big plush leather chairs at Border's Book Store.

I like the sound of that Hazelnut latte at Border's - and that leather chair appeals to me too.

When I am in that neck of the woods I'll think of you and treat myself to a sit down and a latte.
Oh, Millie....I am so like you on this afternoon coffee ritual. Doesn't matter where I am....I will hunt down a coffee shop (I love Starbucks!) and have that coffee. I've been doing this for years and now it's just part of my day.
Loved your story about an author, I do that I get many great ideas that way.
I love Dunkin Donuts! The coffee is great and the doughnuts even better!
I have caffeinated blood and I recall from my last visit to Florida that coffee shops aren't easy to find.

What a nice moment you overheard!
A young man in his 50's she said... As I just turned 51 and feel ancient, I feel joyous that Millie looks upon us 50 somethings as young. Thanks M !
rhea and keith

I am so glad that I made your day!
From where I sit, 50 is young!kenju and

kenju and peggy

Ah yes, those donuts are delicous! Sometimes I go in to Dunkin Donuts and think, "this time I'll just have coffee" - never works out that way.
I'll meet you at Borders and we'll have a latte. I found a half-price large size paperback novel there "Dream When You're Feeling Blue" by Elizabeth Berg. I sat in that big soft leather chair and read the whole thing -- lost track of time. Yeah, the title is from a song's lyrics you probably know. Novel is set in Chicago in WWII.

Thanks for the tip on the book "Dream When You are Feeling Blue." Elizabeth Berg is one of my favorite authors. ( and the time period too)

Next time I'm at the library i"ll be picking up a copy.
hello from manila.
there is a dunkin a few blocks away from where we live. i also go there and enjoy meaningful afternoons, sometimes with my husband, sometimes alone.
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