Tuesday, March 04, 2008
I Can't Open It - Fabulous

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This time Millie can't get the spray cleaner to spray, it's foams a little, and then sometimes it works.

Steve comes in to help.

Note: Recorded last year

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You're blurry, Steve!

I loved this! It was FABULOUS! :D
Thanks Susan!
I have the very same problem with my Fantastic. I have a bottle that still has stuff left in it and I can't get the darned thing to spray! It drives me nuts. Steve, can you come over and help me!?
If I buy something I want it to work. I don't want to have to take it apart and put it back together again, however simple. Whatever would we do without our sons!
Millie, I think this is the most adorable "I can't open it" yet. I laughed so hard.
Steve, Your camera person was hilarious. I had as much fun watching her trying to film you as I did following your instructions to her! Totally refreshing!
Super funny. :) I have a bottle of tub cleaner exactly like that, only it's not a tube-detachment problem. No one can figure out the problem at all. Such a useful cleaning product. :)

Next time I have this kind of problem, I'll have to fly Steve in!
Millie, I think this first attempt at filming was fabulous! I had a lot of fun watching and listening!
by arul vigg.
That was an easy one to fix. If it happens again, you'll know what to do!
To all my buddies:

I'm lucky when I am up north I have Steve to help me with my problems.

Down here I'm on my own. Recently I had a great funny problem If Steve were here we would have made a great video.

The doors on my kitchen cabinets were squeaking and I just couldn't stand it!!

I bought a can of WD-40, sprayed the doors and made "all gone." I was so proud of myself!!
Oh Lord....I'm still laughing!
Now wait a sec....did that last statement have a double meaning or was it just me? lol
I have the same problem with my Windex bottle, so don't feel bad, Millie.
Millie, what a terrific post. Sometimes the straw in the bottle wants to go to the wrong part of the bottom of the bottle and there's still product in there, but nothing wants to come out when you squeeze the trigger. That's when I will just add some water. Then, even diluted the cleaning solutions still works okay and I'm able to use the last little bit of what is left.

What can I say!!! - As I said it I realized it could be interpreted a different way but it was to late to change what I was saying.


Lady Skye Fyre

What a great idea, adding water to the solution and getting all of the product out!!!

That way you get your moneysworth and beat the system.
Oooooo! The double entendre is very naughty! :-)

This was very funny.
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