Friday, March 07, 2008
A few weeks ago I put up a post about my unsuccessful attempt to make chicken soup, I had no time to peel, cut and chop. Chancy from Driftwood Inspiration asked if I could put up the recipe for my soup. I haven't made it in a long time but the memory of that soup never fades.

When I was single and lived at home my mother made it without fail every Friday. Not only was the soup delicious but the boiled chicken that was in the pot was so moist, that was a treat in itself.

As much as I enjoyed the soup I did not appreciate having it EVERY Friday night. Too much of a good thing!! It's a different story today, if someone made it for me every week I would be delighted.

Millie's Chicken Soup

6 chicken leg quarters
water to just cover the legs
1 peeled onion
3 or 4 carrotts - sliced
3 stalks celery with tops - sliced
1 parsnip - cut in chunks
fresh parsley
Kosher salt to tsste
Pepper to taste

Place chicken legs and water in a large pot, bring contents to a boil and keep skimming off the scum. Once the water is clear turn heat down to low. Add carrotts, onion , celery and parsnip. Add seasoning and continue cooking for about 1 1/2 hours.
Add the parsley when the soup is almost done.

Note: This is not a low cholesterol soup I do not remove the skin or fat from the chicken, that's one of the reasons the soup tastes so good. Using kosher salt makes a difference too. Parsnips are not alway available in the market but when they are available they add a sweetness to the soup.!

Now - I'm not done yet!

If you want to make the traditional soup you should cook some thin noodles and add to the soup. AND what's a ckicken soup without matzo balls? The easy way to make them is to BUY a package of matzo ball mix and follow the directions. It's a never fail recipe!

Now - all that's left to do is ENJOY!!!

That sounds wonderful, Millie. We are soup lovers here, so I am sure to try it.
Noted!!! It looks simple enough that, even though I've forgotten how to cook, I could make it. LOL Thanks!

p.s. I posted the next installment.
Millie, what's Kosher salt ?
When I'm not feeling well, there is only one thing I want, that's chicken soup. It always makes me feel better. Your recipe is so similar to my grandmothers, simple and good!

Koser Salt is Sea Salt or coarse salt.


Steve's right, kosher salt is coarse. Chefs prefer to use it when they cook, they can use less of it because it has a better flavor then table salt.

and -
The salt that perchs on the glass of a margarite is kosher salt or sea salt!
Aw, Millie, is there something else that will substitute for parsnips? (That is the one vegetable that, due to a childhood incident, I do not eat.) Would a turnip do? (I'm not a real cook or I would know, wouldn't I?)
Cop Car
Cop Car

I think a turnip would be to strong. If parsnips are not available I add a few thin slices of green pepper. That seems to do the trick.
Think I will have to publish my Lemon Chicken Soup recipe on my blog one of these days. Meanwhile, I enjoyed reading about yours.
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