Sunday, March 30, 2008
Yesterday I had a very full day - My friends and I started out at 1:00 pm, I didn't get home until 9:30 pm - a high school production of "Grease" in the afternoon, dinner out and THEN the movie "Married Life."

There is never a lack of conversation with these ladies and yesterday was no exception! Come to find out one of the ladies was a food demonstrator and so was I. That lead to a lot of funny stories:

Photo: Cranky Media Guy CC BY-NC-SA

Harriet did some demo work here in Florida and one day she was told her next assignment was going to be to give out samples of Stay Free Pads!! Her response was "this area consists mainly of seniors, that's not a product they would be interest in." Well, management said, "don't let it bother you, do the demo."

She did and was she ever swamped, she couldn't give them away fast enough. Leave it to those seniors to find uses for that product like shinning shoes or polishing furniture!

That story reminded me of the time I was told I should alert the grocery buyer to stock up on lemon pepper seasoning since I was going to be doing "fish." The day came, I set up, put up a display of the product and went to get the fish - NO FISH had been delivered, fortunately for me, I didn't have to do "fish" but I bet the grocery department had an over-abundance of lemon pepper seasoning for a long time!

Those stories reminded me of the time I was in need of some kitchen chair pads. I looked in K-Mart, Walgreens and Walmart. No one seemed to carry them. ( those were the days before Linens and Things and Bed, Bath and Beyond ) In desperation I thought "I'll try the supermarket."

Photo by Roadsidepictures CC BY-NC

Off I went to the market, went up and down the aisles- no chair pads! Finally I saw an elderly gentleman who was the store floor walker. I asked, " could you tell me in which aisle I might find chair pads?" He brightened up and said, "follow me."

Oh happy day, I was going to get what I had been searching for, for so long!! He took me to aisle 9. I remember it like it was yesterday, and there they were - Kotex PADS!!

He must have been hard of hearing!!

Well, I know just how he feels, Millie! I mis-hear a lot these days. Hopefully I will have new hearing aids soon, and won't make that kind of mistake!
The poor guy and poor you! It reminds me of a very young and naive friend of mine back in my college days. She went to work at a drugstore and on the first day, she was asked where the rubbers were. She politely answered that there were slippers on aisle three, but he would have to go to the shoe store for rubbers. Someone quickly came to her rescue and later explained about "rubbers".
I will write niave 100 times so I remember how to spell it. Okay, I think it was really a typo, but I need to be more careful about proofing.
Crap, Millie, I was right on the first spelling. I finally checked it with the dictionary. Should have gone with my gut feeling.

Anyway, I certainly have added to the number of comments on this post, but now I think it is time for me to head off to bed before I make any more mistakes.
Oh what with we do without dear friend Maria! I loved your demo and sales person stories.
Lovely stories Millie.
Reminds me of the time I was in the supermarket with my husband (who always wanted to push the trolley) and I absentmindedly put a pack of pads in another chap's trolley. Fortunately we both saw the funny side - but was my face red!
Hi hi, not quite the same sort of pads, are they! You always have those great stories, Millie!

I'm so glad you made that spelling error - you sure livened up my blog. - and that funny rubber story gave me a good laugh.

Did you see the "Golden Girl" episode when the girls went to the drug store for rubbers and the cashier called out on the loud speaker for a price! - and were they embarrassed!!


Thanks for your funny "pad" story.

I found it interesting that you call a shopping cart (USA) a trolley.

Do you also call a vacum cleaner "a hoover?"
Hi again Millie,
Hoover is a bit of an old fashioned term for a vacuum cleaner nowadays but my mum and gran always called it that. However, some people still use it as a verb as in "I hoovered the sitting room this morning."
Dear Millie, I absolutely love reading your blog, watching your videos, and just hearing what you've been up to lately. I went back to school at 44 and will graduate with a master's degree at 50. You keep me going. I've sent all your links to my daughter-in-law who has just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. You will be an inspiration to her too. Love, from Texas
I love your demo work stories, Millie. Humor really is in the every day stuff of life, isn't it. Really laughed at all the stories here -- word mixups!

As for any readers with hearing loss, one suggestion -- don't pretend you heard what was said if you don't, unless you want to get some more funny stories. That's a real great way to give some ridiculous response to a question you didn't understand in the first place. If it happens much, people begin to think you're nuts, and you may find yourself locked up somewhere. Just ask people to repeat, even if you have to do it more than once. Just one of my little recommendations from working with elders with hearing loss.

My father was hard of hearing, refused to get a hearing aid. When I spoke with him it was always difficult to get my message across imtil one day we went to a nursing home to evaluate it.

The lady in-charge realized my father had a hearing problem and asked him which ear he heard better from.

I learned something very important that day!

Another thing I learned when I volunteered at a day care center was, Don't ask how they are. - they'll tell you! Just say," It's nice to see you."

Live and learn.
As always, I enjoyed your stories, Millie. Hope all is well with you.
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