Monday, April 07, 2008
It's almost time for me to head north and the day finally came when I got to spend some quality time with two friends that I have known for over 50 years! They relocated to Florida a few years ago and when I'm down here we try to get together at least once.

When I was single the wife and I went on dates together. We played mah jongg and had fun on vacations.


Photo by teliko82 CC BY-NC

My husband and her husband had a lot in common. Their favorite pastime was playing chess together. Now that I think of it, I think they both were winners!

One To One
The plan was to attend the 5 o'clock grand opening of a fitness center, "OnetoOne" and then go out to dinner. The mayor of Delray Beach and the Chamber of Commerce were present for a ribbon cutting ceremony. You should have seen the scissors, HUGE!!

My friend did tell me beforehand that there would be a cocktail reception and a conducted tour of the facilities. Fine, we'd have a little something and then we'd go out to dinner. Well the cocktail reception turned out to be a mini dinner.

We took the tour and were very impressed with the state-of-art equipment and how the place looked. It had an oriental flavor, art work in shades of green, yellow and black.

Ice Cream

Photo by Zesmerelda CC BY-SA

Ok, we didn't feel like dinner after all those goodies, what to do? A suggestion was made that we ride down to East Atlantic Ave in Delray. It's a charming street with many lovely shops and an outstanding ICE CREAM SHOP with outside tables and chairs. I had a rum raisin ice cream in a waffle cone!!

The Beach

Photo by afagen CC BY-NC-SA

Then to top off a delightful day with my friends we drove down to the beach. It was high tide and there was a wonderful breeze.

It was a good thing that we had to change our plans because being down by the beach was a lot more enjoyable then eating in a restaurant! And I got to have that delicious ice cream cone.

Sounds like a wonderful day. Hard to believe that you had ice-cream and went to the beach, when here in Paris, where it never snows, the roofs of the parked cars in my street were covered with snow this morning.
It's back to winter :(
Hopefully, it was the last bit of winter?
yes, I'm with Claude. Can you believe it's still snowing here - albeit gently.
At the moment I'm not into ice-cream but it's good to know you enjoyed yours.
Hope it's not too cold when you go North!
Glad to hear you got to the beach one more time this winter. I hope it gets warmer by the time you get back. Red Sox opening day is tomorrow so that's a sign of Spring.
What a great day you had Millie!!!!!
A change of plans turned out to be a wonderful adventure for you. How great that it worked out that way!
That was fun, I know. I don't often eat ice cream instead of dinner, but I recommend it at least once a year!

Have a safe trip back north, Millie.
I am glad to have stumbled by your blog. I will be paying it a regular visit I am sure. Keep it up.
A great and varied way to spend the day (especially the ice cream).
I think some of the best times occur when the original plans made get changed unexpectedly at the last time. Sounds like your day and spontaneous change was just such a day. Love that beach picture.
correction: "...changed at the last moment." So I'm not perfect and confuse myself and others easily! What's new?
Millie You sure do know how to live it up.
That does it! We live in Michigan and still have cruddy weather. I'm planning a family vacation to Florida for the coming Winter! :-)
Brownie Mom

Good Idea!! ;-)
hi millie,
hope you had a great time in florida.
looking forward to seeing you.


i am in the north building.
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