Sunday, May 18, 2008

Frederick Levy interviewed me for his new book:

15 Minutes of Fame, Becoming a Star in the YouTube Revolution.

It was an exciting opportunity. He quoted me exactly!

He used the following selection criteria to pick people to interview for the book:

Personality, Talent, Relate-ability, Uniqueness, Charisma, Energy and Innovation.

That made me feel really great.

I had trouble opening the book's packing material! :-)

The first 10 people who e-mail me with their mailing addresses will get a free copy of "15 Minutes of Fame".

[ If you click this image to email me, in your email, change the " AT " to "@" ]

Visit Frederick's YouTube page:

Nice going, Millie. Congratulations. Also - terrific video.
Congratulations! I have enjoyed your blog since discovering it recently. :~)
Cool! I am pretty sure Frederick is associated with Emerson College, where I work. mail [at] thegeminiweb [dot] com
It is very cool that you are in a book! Congratulations.

Millie - congrats! all your fans are so excited for you.
Well Millie I can see why he chose you because you sure do have
"Personality, Talent, Relate-ability, Uniqueness, Charisma, Energy and Innovation."

Congratulations and another great video.
Hi Millie,

I know Fred's mom, dad, and brother!! His brother and I were in USY together and his mom was our advisor. Fred's mom and I travelled to Israel together last summer! Such a small world...

Hope all is well!
I had to smile at the 'trouble opening it' comment. So like you Millie and yet so charming.
Looks like this might be my lucky day. Congratulations Millie. You deserve all the great words.
Congrats Millie! This sounds like a wonderful book - your video is just great.
Wow Millie!
This is the first day I manage to get to your page. I tried Sunday and Monday, and it just didn't work.
I am so excited for you! You've done it! Once more.
Thanks to all for your kind words!


Frederick Levy comes originally from Stoughton, Ma. He now lives in California so it doesn't sound like the same Levy. Maybe he works with Emerson via the Internet?


Sure is a small world!!!
Hi Millie, your video is Awesome and I really enjoyed the production. As far as I'm concerned your FAME is much more than 15 minutes.
Keep up the good work. I loved it. I love the Book THANK YOU! I'm so lucky you're in my Life! Love You, Nanci
Bravo to you, Millie! I see your notability continues.
Really enjoyed the video. Best to you.
Congratulations, Millie!
Thanks so much for the book, Millie! :-)
Hi! Ths is Harriet Kranz and Im in Mpls. for the weekend and I got to read your blog because my children have computers. I too had cataract surgery this past month. Im doing ok. Im also using eye dops. Im going to other doctors, dentist and getting ready to go to Florida on Dec. 10. It will be nice to get togther soon.
PS/ If u read this on Nov. 28 you can respond back to me at
Millie, I am sorry I got here so late!! Congratulations.
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