Sunday, May 25, 2008
My husband was a man of many seasons, first a son and brother, then a husband and father. during World War II, a soldier. After the war a technical writer.


As the years went by he developed many interests and hobbies - enjoyed playing chess, did a comedy act and would be happy to perform at the drop of a hat, belonged to the Society of American Magicians, was sworn to secrecy and won't even tell his wife how the tricks were done.

At the height of his interest in magic his birthday was coming up, I asked, "what would you like for a birthday gift." One thing he mentioned was some magic tricks, so off I went to a joke shop in Boston. I was planning on spending about $25.00 which in those days was a lot of money. The clerk made some suggestions and what I finally purchased was A LOT OF PAPER!! What I got for my money was some small gadgets and a lot of instructions. Yes, he was happy with his gift!!


For many years he was a volunteer for the National Park Service in Boston. Tourists would come into the office for information about where to go and how to get there. Forget the questions about The Paul Revere House or The State House. what they wanted to know was, "How do I get to "Cheers" and how far away is Filenes Basement."


Millie and Aaron

With all the interests my husband had I think gardening was his passion. He could be out in the back yard for hours, planting, weeding, pulling up shrubs, replanting them somewhere else, fertilizing, putting down bark mulch, watering, you name it , he did it!

Every year he would try planting something different but was not always successful. One year he could have gotten the prize for the weirdest cucumbers.

He couldn't wait for May 30 to be able to plant tomatoes, they never disappointed, no matter what type he planted, they were always wonderful. Every year we had a bountiful crop and shared them with neighbors and friends.

I had it easy, all I had to do was go out there and take the tomatoes of the vine.

Memories, memories...

Millie, I love it when you share your memories. Steve sure looks like his dad, but I see parts of you in him too (a pretty smile). I am planning to plant some tomatoes this year, and I had better get started, hadn't I? It's almost too late to plant down here.
It sounds like both you and Steve have wonderful memories of a very special person. And to me, that's the best thing that any of us can leave behind.
Millie, I am very fortunate that my husband also loves to garden.
And tomatoes-----he is always so proud about his tomato crop.
The only thing he can't grow is corn.
My dad was a fanatical gardener and whilst I am not, I really do appreciate a nice garden. also, I love the gardening shows on BBC.
I wish I would have lived next door. I think your husband and I would have had tons of gardening to talk about. What a wonderful person!
Carrying on the gardening tradition, I planted tomatoes today.

Pictures here.

Plus some zucchini and white eggplant.
I'm so happy to have found your blog. My daughter is 25 and finding your blog I just told there just might be hope for my own mother...she's about 74. We've had gardens in years past, not sure if we'll have one this year.
"What they wanted to know was, "How do I get to "Cheers" and how far away is Filenes Basement."

That cracked me up. ;)

Delightful memories, Millie. Those tomatoes sound really good. Like that picture of the two of you!
Oh Millie, thanks for sharing those precious memories.
I enjoyed Steve's video a lot. Your husband was certainly a wonderful man, and let's face it, he had a wonderful wife and a wonderful son!
Having been a non professional clown I had a little experience with magic tricks but not enough to brag much about. I do however see why your hubby became so fascinated with it. This was a very interesting post Millie.
Hi Millie. You are a wonderful inspiration. I enjoyed your blog.
Be happy.
Moms, i love how you share your days and experience with us. Share with us some great tips on gardening too ;)
Millie, thanks for your sweet memories. i'm glad that i found this blog. you makes gardening bloom in my heart.. heh..
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